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Staking Rewards Added to Entire ArtVndngMchn Fine Art NFT Collection

Every NFT from ArtVndngMchn's fine art NFT collection on the WAX blockchain can now be staked for daily crypto rewards!
Detail of First Contact rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta and Fabi Yamada
Detail of First Contact rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta and Fabi Yamada, available in some select ArtVndngMchn Series 3 packs.
As a creator I have been wanting to offer staking rewards for owners of my NFTs since long before they were even called NFTs. Finally, I can offer that to everyone through the ArtVndngMchn collection. It is made up of 600 (and counting) unique digital fine art pieces, released in various edition quantities. Some are 1 of 1 editions, some are 1 of 9, etc. These rare digital artworks represent thousands of NFTs from a diverse group of international artists in a project led by me (Joe Chiappetta). 

All NFTs from the ArtVndngMchn collection on WAX are eligible now to be staked on WAXDAO to receive WAXP cryptocurrency every day. WAX remains the most used blockchain in the world, currently with 700k daily active users, 23 million daily transactions, and 0 transaction fees.

"Staking" is a blockchain process that allows NFT owners to retain ownership of their NFTs while locking them away for specific rewards. This gives the term "cryptoart" an added meaning and real-time utility that merges fun, fine art, and finance in new and exciting ways.

Let the staking begin!

ArtVndngMchn Collaboration with Pixtalgia Game

The ArtVndngMchn fine art project that I lead has been engaged in very exciting collaboration with the incredibly cool retro PC game, Pixtalgia on the WAX blockchain. The rare digital art shown in the video celebrates the ArtVndngMchn becoming an in-game non-playable interactive character in Pixtalgia and contains unique and original art within art. In fact, there are 10 artworks within this one art piece.

The Pixtalgia ArtVndngMchn is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta and Peter Pots
The Pixtalgia ArtVndngMchn is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta and Peter Pots, available on AtomicHub.

To create the above collaborative piece, which is completely pixel art, I first painted the below non-pixel art piece as a character exploration to show the Pixtalgia team what I had in mind for the in-game version of ArtVndngMchn.

8-Bit 6-Arm ArtVndngMchn Gallery Cruiser is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
8-Bit 6-Arm ArtVndngMchn Gallery Cruiser is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available on AtomicHub

Also created to announce (and hint at) some of the things coming as part of ArtVndngMchn and Pixtalgia working together is a rare digital art piece I made called "ArtVndngMchn Ascent to Pixtalgia" (below).

ArtVndngMchn Ascent to Pixtalgia is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
ArtVndngMchn Ascent to Pixtalgia is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available on AtomicHub.

As ArtVndngMchn dives deeper into the retro pixel video game world, what's coming up on long-range sensors is more pixel art innovation, more interactivity, more collaboration, and more fun. Specifically collaborating with Pixtalgia, I appreciate their retro game for its simplicity, pure-hearted nature, non-complicated blockchain integration, and vision to grow and adapt with a diverse group of people. These characteristics are some of the many reasons I chose to create a brand new, never-seen-before animated fine art exhibit... entirely within the Pixtalgia game.

ArtVndngMchn Gallery Entrance in Pixtalgia is digital art by Joe Chiappetta
ArtVndngMchn Gallery Entrance in Pixtalgia is digital game art by Joe Chiappetta.

Soon, when gamers go into the Pixtalgia game, they will eventually see the above ArtVndngMchn Gallery building. If players choose to enter this building, an unforgettable art adventure awaits.
Digital Thrill Ride is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
Digital Thrill Ride is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available on AtomicHub.
Players will then experience a gallery full of at least 30 unique fine art digital paintings that can only be viewed inside the game. Yet players might also get attacked (and die) before they make it through the whole exhibit, reminding us that... all is fair in art and gaming. It's a digital thrill ride.

Screenshots of the game Pixtalgia
Screenshots of the game Pixtalgia

Expect more in-game and on-chain fun between these two pioneering projects!


Macho Motors

Macho Motors is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
Macho Motors by Joe Chiappetta is a rare digital art edition of only 9 NFTs, available on AtomicHub NFT marketplace using the WAX blockchain.
BENEDICTION: I charge the people of this earth, drive to be not just another flashy gas guzzler, but a vehicle of positive impact, racing with power, boldness, zeal, directness, and the leadership that God is calling us to embrace along the unpredictable and exciting road of life. 

BACKSTORY: I set out to make an artwork that inspired viewers in multiple ways, calling us all to a higher level of helpfulness in this world. As my "Macho Motors" piece was almost finished, my son, Luke Chiappetta, released his own piece of rare digital art through his NFTnT Gallery called "No One Else Has To Die," which is the first-ever End Overdose NFT. Luke is part of that organization, with a mission to End Overdose by distributing fentanyl testing strips and to spread awareness on the opioid crisis ( As a tribute to the inspiring work Luke is doing, both artistically and with End Overdose, you can partially see Luke's artwork in the background on the blue billboard.

BONUS: This NFT also comes with unlockable content available exclusively to NFT token holders. This means the only way to see the bonus art is to buy the NFT.

What is a NFT?

A NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique computer-coded asset assigned to specific digital artworks, making provenance, ownership history, trading, and collecting possible through blockchain technology. Also known as cryptoart and rare digital art, to own an NFT each collector typically needs a digital wallet.

For the WAX blockchain, NFT collectors can get a wallet from a number of providers, including AtomicHub or WAX Cloud Wallet.

The Most Wonderful Impromptu Concert

The Most Wonderful Impromptu Concert is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
The Most Wonderful Impromptu Concert is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available as an NFT on OpenSea.
My wife and I went on a double date with some friends to see a chamber concert at La Sierra University. As an artist, one of my favorite things to do is go to concerts and draw the performers. However, when we got to the campus concert hall, much to our surprise, the building was mostly unoccupied with few lights on. It soon became clear that I had the wrong date in my calendar. Yet as a man of faith, I prayed, "God, I don't know what is going on here, but please, make tonight's concert still happen."

Shortly thereafter, I discovered a mysterious young man sitting quietly in the otherwise empty lobby. His name was Rafael. I asked him if he played any instruments. He said confidently that he did. Then I asked him if he would do a solo concert for us--on the spot. In fact, I asked him if he could play 45 minutes of material for us. He said he didn't think he knew 45 minutes of material that was concert-ready.

As soon as he said that, I concluded that he was a humble man and therefore anything he performed would be genuine and inspiring. So I countered, "How about 30 minutes?" When Rafael said nothing, I rephrased, "How about 15 minutes? Just give me what you've got... please. I am sure it will be fantastic!"

"I can do that, yes," Rafael replied in an almost bewildered tone. Was he bewildered that I would ask him for a concert without ever hearing him play, or was he surprised that he was cooperating with a complete stranger? Perhaps it was both.

A new twist occurred, however. He remembered that he did not have much time as he was going to dinner with a friend and that she was just finishing practicing a song somewhere else in the building. So I asked if both of them would do a concert for us right then and there. He left to go ask his friend, and about 5 minutes later, they graciously invited us into the concert hall for the most delightful musical experience ever!

Rafael Braga and Isabel Pulido, both undergraduate students in La Sierra's music department, performed an unforgettable and heart-moving concert loaded with 6 songs plus endless inspiration for all.

Here is the list of what they boldly and passionately played with all professionalism and power:

1 - J.S Bach Prelude in g minor - BWV 558

2 - L. v. Beethoven Piano sonata Op. 13 "Pathétique" - 2nd and 3rd movements

3 - J.S Bach Gavotte en Rondeau and Gigue from the Partita no. 3 for violin solo

4 - J.S Bach Sarabande from the Partita no. 2 for violin solo

5 - J. Brahms concerto in D major for violin - 1st movement

6 - J. Haydn violin concerto in C major - 2nd movement

At the end of this spectacular evening, our tiny front row of 4 concert-goers were compelled to thank Rafael, Isabel, and God with the utmost sincerity, joy, and astonishment. Such kindness, giving spirit, flexibility, and desire for excellence (regardless of size of the audience) speaks volumes. Indeed, our gratitude resounds.

Silly Daddy 30th Anniversary

The Most Epic Battle is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
The Most Epic Battle is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available on AtomicHub.
Starting July 11th, 2022, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Silly Daddy Comics, Joe Chiappetta begins releasing new rare digital artworks as editions of 30 NFTs for only 30 WAX. Some of Chiappetta's work sells for thousands of dollars in the NFT market, so this anniversary discount is a way to give back to the community.

Shortly after cartoonist Joe Chiappetta became a father, he started publishing a comic book series in 1992 called Silly Daddy. Over the years, Silly Daddy/Chiappetta has won awards from the Xeric Foundation as well as the Illinois Arts Council. Chiappetta's offbeat yet upbeat comics have earned him a historical place as an innovator in independent comic book publishing as well as in cryptoart. The loosely autobiographical and surreal comic series has branched off into graphic novels, comic strips, webcomics, merch, rare handmade books, zines, paintings, experimental art, songs, videos, metaverse gaming exhibits, and rare digital art NFTs.

Given Chiappetta's role as a cryptoart OG, project leader on ArtVndngMchn, and autobio comics pioneer on Silly Daddy, this NFT drop event is one to excite the whole family. Silly Daddy's origins began in year one as profound, silly, or profoundly silly. Thirty years later, that legacy continues, as profound and silly as ever.