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Why I Released 50 NFT Comics on zeroone

zeroone art profile page for Joe Chiappetta

Having spent the past 3 decades releasing art on the Internet, it would be an understatement to say that I have tried more than a few different art-related platforms over the years. For most of these websites, they offered timely tools for art marketplace access, publicity, sharing, and exploration. The art site I now prefer, "zeroone," has all that and so much more. As an incredibly visionary art site I have used almost exclusively for the past 10 months, zeroone also offers art ownership, gifting, and gamification. I could probably write pages of reasons why I appreciate the site, yet for the sake of brevity, here are the top 5 reasons I have spent nearly a year releasing 53 original comic NFTs on zeroone while also collecting nearly 500 art NFTs:

1. zeroone is THE place to collect original art NFTs where each person uses their own art as "currency" to gain collector passes. For every piece you release through zeroone's site, you can collect up to 10 artworks from other artists.

2. The community is typically un-snooty, easy-going, giving, and kind... which is refreshing to experience in the arts.

3. NFTs on a blockchain have historically been complicated to access, yet zeroone, running on the Avalanche blockchain, has made the NFT art collecting and releasing process ridiculously easy, quick, and free. This holds untapped potential for creative-minded people and institutions such as libraries, museums, schools, and galleries to start archiving their special collections on the blockchain where provenance is built into the platform.

4. While so much of the art world has a greed-mentality ingrained into its fabric, zeroone has a giving-mentality baked in. The only way to receive any art there is to give art.

5. zeroone is one of the rare places that has successfully turned NFT art-releasing and art-collecting into a game of sorts. It's fun and surprising to check the site and see if I'm in time to collect from one of my favorite artist's work there before all their editions run out--or before my collect passes run out. This game of art never seems to end--spurring me on to make and mint even more art in a festival of giving!

Play it with me and my son at and

Mini-Comics Oral History Archives: Joe Chiappetta Interview

Joe Chiappetta mini comics interview
Enjoy this funny, educational, and inspiring trip into comics history from the 1980s and 90s as cartoonist and comics champion Tom Hart, of Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW), interviews Joe Chiappetta about his early mini-comics publishing adventures! 

Video Playlist for ArtVndngMchn Mission Wonderful

Here's a playlist of all the videos highlighting our 2023 art book that reads more like a cutting-edge zine: ArtVndngMchn Mission Wonderful. This playlist includes many in-progress handmade art scenes and some fun promo movies.

To read more about this multi-faceted 88-page fine art on paperback project, including its NFT and digital download components, go to

Book & NFT Release: ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful

ArtVndngMchn Mission Wonderful book
ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful book cover by Joe Chiappetta

ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful is an 88 page book of inspiration. It's more art-object than book-object, more zine than magazine, and more light than dark.

Always uplifting and avant-garde, ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful features new comics, art, and literature from Southern California to around the world, published and curated by award-winning Silly Daddy cartoonist Joe Chiappetta. 

Available in the following formats:
(each sold separately)
ArtVndngMchn Mission Wonderful paperback book
88 pages, square bound 6" x 9" with color cover and black and white interior, loaded with art and lit straight from the heart.

NFT bundled with Painting on Paperback and eBook:
A very rare edition of 30 ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful NFTs comes bundled with 2 incredible treats: a painting on paperback and an eBook!

Full details at ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful book ordering page

Staking Rewards Added to Entire ArtVndngMchn Fine Art NFT Collection

Every NFT from ArtVndngMchn's fine art NFT collection on the WAX blockchain can now be staked for daily crypto rewards!
Detail of First Contact rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta and Fabi Yamada
Detail of First Contact rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta and Fabi Yamada, available in some select ArtVndngMchn Series 3 packs.
As a creator I have been wanting to offer staking rewards for owners of my NFTs since long before they were even called NFTs. Finally, I can offer that to everyone through the ArtVndngMchn collection. It is made up of over 600 (and counting) unique digital fine art pieces, released in various edition quantities. Some are 1 of 1 editions, some are 1 of 9, etc. These rare digital artworks represent thousands of NFTs from a diverse group of international artists in a project led by me (Joe Chiappetta). 

All NFTs from the ArtVndngMchn collection on WAX are eligible now to be staked on WAXDAO to receive WAXP cryptocurrency every day. WAX remains the most used blockchain in the world, currently with 700k daily active users, 23 million daily transactions, and 0 transaction fees. 

As of this writing (updated 8/18/2023), over 7,750 WAXP tokens are available in the rewards pool for art collectors staking ArtVndngMchn fine art NFTs!

"Staking" is a blockchain process that allows NFT owners to retain ownership of their NFTs while locking them away for specific rewards. This gives the term "cryptoart" an even more literal meaning: art that generates cryptocurrency. Through the WAXDAO site, owners of ArtVndngMchn NFTs can stake their NFTs in return for daily cryptocurrency rewards or "unstake" their NFTs at any time to sell them back on the art market. Such an innovative real-time utility for the NFT space merges fun, fine art, and finance in new and exciting ways. 

Why Am I Giving Crypto Rewards Back to ArtVndngMchn NFT Art Collectors?

  1. "It is better to give than to receive." - Acts 20:35
  2. Because I can.
  3. This is one way of saying "thank you" to the many loyal rare digital art collectors of ArtVndngMchn.
  4. Traditional economic models of the art market need a good disrupting.
  5. Staking NFTs will play a huge part in the future development and advancement of the arts and--incredibly--such benefits are available right now through ArtVndngMchn!
Let the staking begin!