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Silly Daddy 30th Anniversary

The Most Epic Battle is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
The Most Epic Battle is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available on AtomicHub.
Starting July 11th, 2022, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Silly Daddy Comics, Joe Chiappetta begins releasing new rare digital artworks as editions of 30 NFTs for only 30 WAX. Some of Chiappetta's work sells for thousands of dollars in the NFT market, so this anniversary discount is a way to give back to the community.

Shortly after cartoonist Joe Chiappetta became a father, he started publishing a comic book series in 1992 called Silly Daddy. Over the years, Silly Daddy/Chiappetta has won awards from the Xeric Foundation as well as the Illinois Arts Council. Chiappetta's offbeat yet upbeat comics have earned him a historical place as an innovator in independent comic book publishing as well as in cryptoart. The loosely autobiographical and surreal comic series has branched off into graphic novels, comic strips, webcomics, merch, rare handmade books, zines, paintings, experimental art, songs, videos, metaverse gaming exhibits, and rare digital art NFTs.

Given Chiappetta's role as a cryptoart OG, project leader on ArtVndngMchn, and autobio comics pioneer on Silly Daddy, this NFT drop event is one to excite the whole family. Silly Daddy's origins began in year one as profound, silly, or profoundly silly. Thirty years later, that legacy continues, as profound and silly as ever.

Silly Daddy Coins His Own Money

Silly Daddy Dollars - comic by Joe Chiappetta

I have been studying economics and the digital transformation of money lately and have some not-so-serious thoughts (like the above Me-Money comic) and some serious thoughts below.

If a central bank ever decides to compete with bitcoin (which is a decentralized global currency and not government controlled), and that central bank starts to issue its own cryptocurrency, here are the some of the potential positive and negative impacts of such a venture:

Positive Impact to the government and central bank:
1. More control
2. Ability to run pilot program(s) first in smaller environment to work out unexpected issues
3. Can take as long as it likes to roll out the system
4. Can end the cryptocurrency at any time
5. Can pressure and incentivize other nations and companies to use the currency
6. Can make tax filing system automatic
7. Easier to collect fines from lawbreakers
8. Can issue more currency whenever it likes
9. Easier to track spending patterns and activities of citizens
10. Worldwide media exposure and attention
11. Viewed as innovative and forward thinking

Positive Impact to individuals:
1. Better tracking of money spent
2. Quicker payment sending abilities
3. Time saved through more integrated tax filing process
4. More jobs for those skilled at cryptocurrency

Negative Impact to the government and central bank:
1. Central bank and government are at the discretion of fallible humans who can become very disunified, change the rules, have hidden agendas, and make poor decisions about ongoing operations
2. System will be always pressured by politicians, special interest groups and businesses serving selfish interests
3. Increased exposure to cyber crimes and online theft
4. System is totally dependent upon electricity and the internet. If either system ever goes down, the economy stops.

Negative Impact to individuals:
1. Those holding bitcoin or other altcoins would see those coins and infrastructure devalued and in decline
2. People without great internet service would be excluded from full participation
3. Increased exposure to cyber theft since more transactions move online
4. Higher unemployment for bank tellers and brick and mortar retail bankers

That said, I'm not saying a central bank or government should or should not issue its own cryptocurrency. I really don't know if it would be good or not. There are so many variables that only God knows how such an economic transition would turn out. Besides, I have no authority in this matter. My prayer is that, however we use money, we do it to honor God.

Art Is Money: 10 Tips & Truths

Fellowship Of The Machine (detail) is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
Fellowship Of The Machine (detail) is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available in select ArtVndngMchn Series 3 NFT packs. The full piece is a statement on how fine art, machines, and money have converged into one bizarre and fantastical fellowship.

Art Is Money: 10 Tips & Truths

Economics, art, and blockchain fell into a blender and out popped NFTs.
By Joe Chiappetta

NFTs Take Large Share of Total Art Market Sales
The rare digital art NFT industry has become a very large economic engine in the past few years. If current sales and adoption trends continue, it could eventually surpass other sectors of the art market. According to the Art Basel & UBS report, which includes data from only a few blockchains, 2021 NFT sales reached $11.1 billion USD, with the entire art market in all sectors totaling at $65.1 billion USD. This means 17% of all art sales came from rare digital art! That percentage is even higher since sales figures from the highest-volume blockchain for rare digital art, WAX, were not included in the report. In fact, according to DappRadar, 2021 NFT sales were nearly $25 billion.

What Is Rare Digital Art Again?
With experimental origins tracing back to 2014, rare digital art is widely known today by the more common term, NFT, which stands for "nonfungible token." Comprised of digitally scarce fine art pieces, rare digital artworks are each attached to a unique cryptographic token--also known as a cryptocurrency. A record of who owns this unique (AKA non-fungible) token and its attached art is readily available on a specific internet-powered blockchain. One of the big deals here is that once a person accepts that the art and the token are tied together, trading of art NFTs on a global scale becomes instant--and for a number of blockchains--almost as easy as sending an email.

Bit by the Crypto Bug is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
Bit by the Crypto Bug is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available as an animated color edition on SuperRare.
NFT Tips & Truths
The market innovation behind NFTs expose a number of economic and artistic realities in auditable ways. Art has always had the potential to be a friendlier form of money. In fact, physical money traditionally has art on its face as a given; think of all the portrait art on metal coins and paper currency. The imagery is meant to be welcoming and trust-bringing. Isn't that also what art often does?

Using the blockchain and smart contract tech that makes rare digital art function as money and art simultaneously, gift-giving, patronage, art stewardship, and trading all take on a more accountable role. The economics of who bought (or gifted) what art from whom, when, and for how much are meticulously broadcast on blockchains for all to see. Like traditional physical currency with a huge ecosystem behind it, NFT art--with its growing global ecosystem--can now also be just as welcoming, trust-bringing, or even more so. Plus, because art can be fun, "money" in the form of NFT art, becomes fun too.
Art Is Money by Joe Chiappetta
Art Is Money by Joe Chiappetta.
Below are just some of these game-changing truths that NFTs make more obvious.
  1. Money is art and vice versa.
  2. Currency can be created by anyone.
  3. Art can be created by anyone.
  4. Money can be created by anyone.
  5. Everyone (and anyone) can be an artist.
  6. Everyone (and anyone) can tokenize anything.
  7. Anything that can be tokenized, will be tokenized.
  8. Art has always been a game.
  9. Money has always been a game.
  10. Powering art and money, internet access becomes even more of a human right.
May you power-up to play the art/money game well... and enjoy it.

The full art from the first painting this article (and more) can be found in ArtVndngMchn Series 3 Fine Art NFT packs.

ArtVndngMchn Series 3 Announcement

Wrapped flying skateboard art by Joe Chiappetta for ArtVndngMchn Series 3
Wrapped flying skateboard art by Joe Chiappetta for ArtVndngMchn Series 3
ArtVndngMchn Series 3: CryptoSkateboards and Other Things that Fly
  • Launched February 26th, 2022
  • Fine art NFTs wrapped in randomized packages
  • 10% donated to charity
  • Cryptoart OGs and emerging artists
  • On Wax Blockchain
  • Coincides with 3D virtual exhibit in the metaverse
ArtVndngMchn Series 3 NFT Pack art by Joe Chiappetta
ArtVndngMchn Series 3 NFT fine art pack art by Joe Chiappetta
ArtVndngMchn is a digital fine art collection that wraps curated, top-notch paintings and drawings into surprise NFT packages on the WAX blockchain. With its new Series 3 pack release, ArtVndngMchn is back to paint the world in all colors with fun and uplifting inspiration. Much of the Series 3 art will revolve around the theme of skateboards, fantastic cars, and other high-flying vehicles.
Detail of Square Car from ArtVndngMchn Series 3
On this same day as the NFT pack release, many of the fine art pieces from this collection will be on exhibit in a Minecraft metaverse at The Brawl Gallery, where visitors have to fight monsters and complete mazes before they win the rare privilege of viewing this special exhibition. This 3D virtual gallery is located within the massive ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park in The Uplift World. Experiencing ArtVndngMchn Series 3 paintings in The Brawl Gallery is an art adventure to die for... because the in-game monsters may (virtually) kill you a few times before you make it through the labyrinth that leads to the Brawl Gallery's main exhibit hall.

As with each preceding pack release, a percentage of the revenue will be donated to help the poor through MERCYworldwide. To date thousands of dollars have been donated. For this series, 10% from the initial sale will go toward helping youth who are blind learn independent living skills at the Kyiv School for the Visually Impaired!

Curated by award winning cartoonist Joe Chiappetta, cryptoart OGs as well as emerging artists have contributed some of their best artworks to this lively fine art collection. Artists included in Series 3 include Bruce Bachelder, Jennifer Barrett, Anna, Denise, Joe, and Luke Chiappetta, Beth and Caleb Cohen, Kara Mia, Sean O'Kana, Mike Rende, Melida Rios, Fabi Yamada, Richard Yates, and Marko Zubak.
Flying Skateboard Wheels by Joe Chiappetta
Each piece in this collection serves as stand-alone high-quality fine art... plus some of these pieces can also be blended through NeftyBlocks into even more stunning and rare pieces of artwork. The ArtVndngMchn series is a fine art experience with an unpredictably gamified NFT life of its own. Join in the fun now!

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What Is ArtVndngMchn?

Series 1Series 2, Series 3

Park Afternoon is rare digital art by
Park Afternoon is rare digital art by, available on AtomicHub.
The first thing to understand about ArtVndngMchn is that it is a multifaceted art project. As soon as a community member tries to describe it, they are simultaneously correct--yet leaving out so much. That's because ArtVndngMchn has never been about just one thing.

In fact, ArtVndngMchn is many things. Like our lives, it has multiple dimensions. Yet all of ArtVndngMchn's aspects are art-related, meant to be uplifting, and shepherded by Joe Chiappetta, having been in the cryptoart space since 2015, and a cartoonist since the mid-1980s. In one sentence it can be summarized that ArtVndngMchn is fine art experience with an unpredictably gamified life of its own. It is where the lines between gaming and fine art are intentionally blurred into many new things.

So what are these many new things that have become ArtVndngMchn?

  1. Digitally wrapped and randomized packages of fine art NFTs from over 20 international artists. ArtVndngMchn was the first to do this with fine art NFTs. Much mentoring of emerging artists takes place through the many crytoart OGs in the project.
    ArtVndngMchn fine art NFT packs
    ArtVndngMchn fine art NFT packs available on AtomicHub.
  2. A 3D virtual gallery and entertainment game space called ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park, experienced through a Minecraft server called The Uplift World in their Gratitude map at coordinates 3320, 2370.
    Sunrise Over ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park
    Sunrise Over ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available on AtomicHub.
  3. NFT assets that can be used as disposable ingredients to acquire new fine art NFTs through a process called blending in Neftyblocks.
    Totally California Window Scene is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
    Totally California Window Scene is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available on Neftyblocks.
  4. An art project used to raise money for the poor through MERCYworldwide.
Drilling down into these varied components of the project, it is also accurate to say that ArtVndngMchn is...
  1. An Artwork Theme of Fun and Family
  2. A Pioneering NFT Collection
  3. A Game within Minecraft
  4. A Metaverse Event Destination
  5. An Interactive Art Performance
    Certified Art Jumper Badge is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
    Certified Art Jumper Badge is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available on AtomicHub and acquired at special art events where players fall through multiple levels of fine art.
  6. A Metaverse Rollercoaster
  7. And more.

ArtVndngMchn Origins

Solidified under the project name "ArtVndngMchn," this ongoing series is widely know for its May 2021 on the WAX blockchain, consisting of hundreds of different fine artworks as NFTs, which sold out in seconds. New NFT pack collections come out at least twice per year.
ArtVndngMchn Propaganda Video is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
ArtVndngMchn Propaganda Video is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available on AtomicHub where often the promotional pieces became works of art too.
However in the generic sense, art vending machine paintings and drawings released as NFTs by Chiappetta can be traced back much earlier.
Crypto-Art ATM is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
Crypto-Art ATM is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available as part of the CrystalsCraft Collection in the early years of NFTs on Counterparty.
In 2018, early versions of art vending machines were created on Bitcoin/Counterparty, and later on Ethereum as well as EOS blockchains prior to the project's release on WAX.

In an even bigger-picture sense, ArtVndngMchn is a statement of human artistic development and progression in more ways than one. 
Humans is rare digital art by Isa Kost
Humans is rare digital art by Isa Kost, available on Atomic Hub.
The order of this creative human development online goes something like this:
  1. As it relates to fine art, the internet started as an art catalog.
  2. Then it became an art market via online ordering and shipping.
  3. Then it became an art creation tool through sites like and others.
  4. Then, through the invention of rare digital art (later called NFT), the internet became an art vending machine.
  5. Finally, through the merging of all of the above, the internet became an art metaverse.
Inside the ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park
Inside the ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park, where 2 virtual rollercoasters end.
What happens next is anyone's guess, but ArtVndngMchn is here to stay.

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