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Book & NFT Release: ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful

ArtVndngMchn Mission Wonderful book
ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful book cover by Joe Chiappetta

ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful is an 88 page book of inspiration. It's more art-object than book-object, more zine than magazine, and more light than dark.

Always uplifting and avant-garde, ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful features new comics, art, and literature from Southern California to around the world, published and curated by award-winning Silly Daddy cartoonist Joe Chiappetta. 

Available in the following formats:
(each sold separately)
ArtVndngMchn Mission Wonderful paperback book
88 pages, square bound 6" x 9" with color cover and black and white interior, loaded with art and lit straight from the heart.

NFT bundled with Painting on Paperback and eBook:
A very rare edition of 30 ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful NFTs comes bundled with 2 incredible treats: a painting on paperback and an eBook!

Full details at ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful book ordering page