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About Joe Chiappetta

The Chiappetta Family in the old house with plastic grapes hanging from the basement ceiling - 2005
Historic Chiappetta Family Photo

Joe Chiappetta Biography

Joe Chiappetta has been involved in cartooning and publishing since the mid 1980s. One of Joe's most multidisciplinary creations is Bible Math, an online free eBook combining art, science, and the scriptures. His ongoing fine art book and NFT project is ArtVndngMchn, bringing the work of 40 international artists under one curated collection available in books as well as wrapped randomized bundles on the blockchain.

Chiappetta has been creating comics and art that reflect something positive about life for much of his career. For his family documentary work on the graphic novel "Silly Daddy," Joe was the recipient of the Xeric Award as well as numerous other award nominations over the years. This includes winning an Illinois Arts Council Award for his work on the book "Back Pain Avenger." This volume, its research, and the speaking tour surrounding it focused on issues of disability in the history of comic books, as well as presenting a non-medicated memoir of rehabilitation.

While widely known for his award winning work on Silly Daddy Comics, Joe has also been a prolific cartoonist creating comics about cryptocurrency and blockchain since 2015. He exhibited twelve blockchain comics at the 2018 Ethereal Summit in New York City and was the only cartoonist selected for this event to create live interpretive comics covering the show. Joe is the author of numerous articles about crypto-art. These including opportunities for artists in the rare digital art market, as well as opportunities on crypto-social networks. Chiappetta has educated thousands of professionals, including artists and collectors, to pay close attention to the rising opportunities that cryptocurrency has opened up for the art industry.

Joe received a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Charity Services from the International College of Christian Ministries in Los Angeles. He's also an alumni of Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts who graduated cum laude and received the Dean's Award. His interdisciplinary education and experiences have forged him into a unique blend of entrepreneur, artist, father, and faith-builder.

As a community leader, Joe has been leading local Bible discussion groups since 1999. He also founded and managed a network of agencies that help people with disabilities get jobs and served for many years as a director for MERCYworldwide, which provides services to the poor. Creatively he also provides arts leadership, being active as a leader or influencer in many art circles, including MakersPlace and WAX AtomicHub. He is the author of over 12 books on a variety of topics--all of them inspiring readers to live life to the full.