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ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful

ArtVndngMchn Mission Wonderful book
ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful book cover by Joe Chiappetta

ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful is an 88 page book of inspiration. It's more art-object than book-object, more zine than magazine, and more light than dark.

Always uplifting and avant-garde, ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful features new comics, art, and literature from Southern California to around the world, published and curated by award-winning Silly Daddy cartoonist Joe Chiappetta. Experience this fine art and reading feast through a colorful cast of artists and authors from all walks of life.

Highlights include over 50 new comics, drawings, and stories from Joe Chiappetta, a moody sci-fi illustration from Fabi Yamada, surreal drawings of strange characters in action poses from Marko Zubak, an astronaut-in-space comic from Mike Rende, nature captured in peaceful paintings by Elizabeth Rodriquez, a short story of pug puppy love by Denise Chiappetta, a cancer-survivor's tale from Rod Warren, a timeless school-scene comic by Anna Chiappetta, a heartwarming family illustration by Eliza Bryson, videogame-advertising-as-art by Peter Pots, a most-powerful drawing of God's hand by Caleb Hudson, slice-of-life triumphant essays and poems by Hannah Does, Audrey Kelley, Katherine Lima, and Dennis Sitar, illustrated scriptures by Rachel Plummer, an illustrated call for freedom by Luke Chiappetta, an ethereal portrait by Nadia Pinto, and a faithful family man tale by Steven Kelley.

Available in the following formats:
(each sold separately)
  • Paperback:
    ArtVndngMchn Mission Wonderful paperback book
    88 pages, square bound 6" x 9" with color cover and black and white interior, loaded with art and lit straight from the heart.
  • [Soon] NFT + Downloadable PDF Book:
    ArtVndngMchn Mission Wonderful PDF book
    This digital book file includes a variant cover, many pages in full color, and is unlockable only to NFT token holders. It can be read on any desktop computer or mobile device as a PDF.
  • [Soon] Painting on Paperback + NFT:
    A very rare edition of 25 NFTs comes bundled with hand-drawn original art, sketched directly onto the paperback book. For this extra special edition release of ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful, each of these uplifting paperback books will contain at least 2 hand-drawn original paintings and/or drawings by Joe Chiappetta. Think of the added art as Easter eggs, to be discovered at varying pages of each rare book. Already loaded with fantastic works on all 88 pages, the addition of custom, 1-of-a-kind drawings and paintings to these volumes makes them some of the rarest modern fine art books ever bundled with an NFT.

Alphabetical List of Artists and Authors: Eliza Bryson, Anna Chiappetta, Denise Chiappetta, Joe Chiappetta, Luke Chiappetta, Hannah Does, Caleb Hudson, Audrey Kelley, Steven Kelley, Katherine Lima, Nadia Pinto, Rachel Plummer, Peter Pots, Mike Rende, Elizabeth Rodriquez, Dennis Sitar, Rod Warren, Fabi Yamada, and Marko Zubak.

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