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Macho Motors

Macho Motors is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
Macho Motors by Joe Chiappetta is a rare digital art edition of only 9 NFTs, available on AtomicHub NFT marketplace using the WAX blockchain.
BENEDICTION: I charge the people of this earth, drive to be not just another flashy gas guzzler, but a vehicle of positive impact, racing with power, boldness, zeal, directness, and the leadership that God is calling us to embrace along the unpredictable and exciting road of life. 

BACKSTORY: I set out to make an artwork that inspired viewers in multiple ways, calling us all to a higher level of helpfulness in this world. As my "Macho Motors" piece was almost finished, my son, Luke Chiappetta, released his own piece of rare digital art through his NFTnT Gallery called "No One Else Has To Die," which is the first-ever End Overdose NFT. Luke is part of that organization, with a mission to End Overdose by distributing fentanyl testing strips and to spread awareness on the opioid crisis ( As a tribute to the inspiring work Luke is doing, both artistically and with End Overdose, you can partially see Luke's artwork in the background on the blue billboard.

BONUS: This NFT also comes with unlockable content available exclusively to NFT token holders. This means the only way to see the bonus art is to buy the NFT.

What is a NFT?

A NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique computer-coded asset assigned to specific digital artworks, making provenance, ownership history, trading, and collecting possible through blockchain technology. Also known as cryptoart and rare digital art, to own an NFT each collector typically needs a digital wallet.

For the WAX blockchain, NFT collectors can get a wallet from a number of providers, including AtomicHub or WAX Cloud Wallet.