Book Review: The Master Plan of Evangelism

Jesus telling the people I am the way - comic illustration by Joe Chiappetta

A Masterful Insight into Jesus' World Vision

A book review of The Master Plan of Evangelismby Robert E. Coleman, published 1963

Reviewed by Joe Chiappetta, 2016

In the hit song "Change the World," by Eric Clapton, the singer/songwriter touches upon a universal topic; "If I could change the world." The more you experience, the more you observe that everybody wants change the world. Politicians consistently run on the platform of change. Talk of change can be found everywhere that there are listening ears. But not everyone is willing to do what it takes to make lasting change happen. Too many people start on such a journey, but for a variety of reasons, they just don't finish. They get weary and give up, or they are good-hearted, yet remain untrained and thus ineffective.

Known throughout history as one of the few people who really did "Change the World," Jesus Christ initiated a holy plan to propel changes that benefit of all who would listen and follow. We can read about this plan, of course, in the Bible. Also helpful, as a supplement, would be reading a short book written in the 1960s called The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman. If you want to start and finish in the effective transformation of the world, these two books lay out a clear path to follow. People, right here and now, can change humanity for the better and also please the living God while in the process. Coleman's book contains life-changing insights into how Jesus operated to prepare his followers for world evangelism. With application of the simple yet challenging principles that Coleman discusses, you will know how to imitate Jesus, invest in people, and spread the good news around the world with purpose and lasting integrity. Coleman's book is totally worth your time to read, study, and put into practice.

In The Master Plan of Evangelism, the author does an amazing job at presenting Jesus' ministry strategy from a big picture level. Yet Coleman does so in a way that makes the strategy digestible for replication. That is the brilliance of this book; it is a true and effective outline of Jesus' methods that anyone can imitate. He even makes the point that Jesus' methods are so powerful and effective, that they work well even when non-Christian entities use them. This can be seen in both good and bad causes. On the "good" side, consider the Walt Disney Company, who has "evangelized" the world with its (usually) uplifting stories and products. On the bad side, think of the many terrorists groups who use these methods for sinister purposes, sending shivers of fear into the hearts of peace-loving people on all four corners of the globe.

Conversely, when people use Jesus' methods in a partial, uncoordinated, independent, pick-and-choose manner, the results are less inspiring, to say the least. Coleman even emphasizes that religious groups should not assume that the average untrained member is qualified to lead things without first being trained to imitate Jesus. The key is having trained leaders who can replicate what and how Jesus did things. That is how ministry really spreads.

The Master Plan of Evangelism is a very short book, yet emanating with power. In fact, Coleman exemplifies the much sought-after trait of being brief and powerful. I appreciate things being broken down in digestible chunks, and Coleman does so in his book by turning Jesus' methods into eight overarching tactics that were consistent throughout his ministry. These can be seen as guiding principles that were underlying in his ministry. They are completely integrated, yet can also be distinctly described and replicable today. All eight fall under Jesus' statement "I am the way..." from John 14:6. In other words, there is no Christian way without wholehearted, complete imitation of Jesus' way. Face that scripture head on; your way, my way, or your neighbor's way, no matter how catchy and popular, are completely inferior and false. We must do things Jesus' way.

The eight principles that Coleman outlines as Jesus' way are as follows:

  1. Selection: Men Were His Method.
  2. Association: He Stayed with Them.
  3. Consecration: He Required Obedience.
  4. Impartation: He Gave Himself Away.
  5. Demonstration: He Showed Them How to Live.
  6. Delegation: He Assigned Them Work.
  7. Supervision: He Kept Check on Them.
  8. Reproduction: He Expected Them to Reproduce.

Before any women get offended or discouraged at principle number one of Coleman's list ("Selection... Men Were His Method"), the author does mention positive roles of women in Jesus' ministry in his very next chapter called "Association... He Stayed with them." Yet the book is not about roles of women in the Bible. It's about the specific strategies that Jesus used, and his twelve apostles were central to this strategy of focusing on the few, and yes, they were men. As an aside, for a great book on women's vital roles in ministry, see the 2016 book Elevate - Jesus' Global Revolution for Women! by Elena McKean.

A careful examination of Coleman's defining principles of Jesus' ministry, which are also the key chapter headings of the book, can be quite convicting. Since Jesus is the way, and therefore imitation of him is the way, then we all have to ask ourselves three personal and probing questions:

  1. Have I been sufficiently trained to do these eight principles of Jesus?
  2. Am I personally doing each one of these eight principles on an ongoing basis? Note that it is not enough to merely agree with the principles of Jesus; we need to do them. That is true Christianity.
  3. Am I calling and training others to do these principles of Jesus?

This is a personal assessment that all of us must make and reassess on an ongoing basis. Those who answer "yes," and whom God would also agree to their "yes" on all three questions are in a good place. They will be the mighty revolutionaries who will spread the good news all around the world, as part of the master's master plan of evangelism.

Comic illustration at top: Jesus telling the people "I am the way" is a brush and ink drawing on paper by Joe Chiappetta, 2016, edited in art program.

I also have written a number of Christian books over the years, the most recent being Mega Debt-Busters:

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

Comic illustration of how to win the internal battle - by Joe Chiappetta

The theme of mercy, which is essentially compassion in action, has been a recurring topic in many of my books for the past few decades. It is one of those essential characteristics that we all need desperately to receive and to give.

Comic illustration of the biblical concept that mercy triumphs over judgment - by Joe Chiappetta

My youngest daughter helped we with the idea for this drawing. It was her idea to put the bird directly on the fist, and it spoke volumes. What started out as an experimental drawing became a comic illustration of the biblical concept that "Mercy triumphs over judgment," from James 2:13. I developed this drawing further to visualize the powerful internal conflicts and battles that we all go through.

In the end, after such internal conflicts arise, mercy must win out over our negative thinking and condemning attitudes toward ourselves and others. In fact, we crave to be treated with mercy/compassion. But how often do we show compassion to others? It starts with how we think. We need to think kindly about others. In Matthew 5:7 Jesus says "Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy." People naturally want mercy for themselves. Yet we must understand that God shows mercy to those who are compassionate toward others. Take this to heart, and take mercy to the streets.

Standard Silly Daddy Response to Pet Requests

Silly Daddy Comics - Standard Response to Pet Requests - by Joe Chiappetta

Over the years as a parent, I think everyone in my immediate family has, at one time or another, asked, begged, and even pleaded with me to get a pet. Cats, dogs, turtles, hamsters, and bunnies were all proposed so sweetly as essential additions to our family. "Sorry, no," has been my standard response every time.

Comic by Joe Chiappetta 2016 is a digital drawing on Microsoft Surface Windows computer using online drawing program.

Star Chosen Book Review by Anna Chiappetta

My youngest daughter (currently a pre-teen) wrote a brief review of Star Chosen, my epic sci-fi novel for all ages.
Star Chosen science fiction novel book by Joe Chiappetta


Review by Anna Chiappetta

From the first sentence, the Star Chosen sci-fi novel hooks you in and won't let you out until your light years into space. The book is accessible for all readers: adults, teens, and even kids. There are so many parts in this book that make you never want to let go of it. Every character  has a unique personality; some characters like Darla, a powerful CEO, are mysterious and some like Archilli are just plain tough.

Star Chosen will make you want to jump into the future. One thing I really love about the story is that it blends so many genres together: science fiction, of course, plus action, adventure, suspense, mystery, Christianity, and even a little bit of romance. I was intrigued in the beginning when a woman leaves her home with her baby on her husband's stolen space ship in the middle of the night. I really wanted to skip ahead to find out what happened to these characters.

Also on the suspense side, the novel stretches out the scene were Geo (a mysterious space thug) falls out of his fancy convertible space ship and Archilli tries to catch him while freefalling. It was cool the way the action played out: it really felt like you were falling with them, complete with strange alien purple trees coming from below.

I know it sounds kind of weird and it has a bit of a nerdy twist to it but that is what makes it cool. This tale has so many twists and turns, you can't wait until the next page. Star Chosen is an unpredictable novel. You can never guess what is going to happen in this futuristic fun ride.

Click here for full details on the Star Chosen novel.
Archilli from Star Chosen - book ordering page

Mega Debt-Busters: A Christian Guide to Financial Freedom

Mega Debt-Busters book by Joe Chiappetta can help you get out of debt by the application of powerful spiritual truths. It will prepare your mind and your wallet for useful financial action that honors God.
Mega Debt-Busters book by Joe Chiappetta

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Whether it be known as respectable debt such as a home mortgage and student loans, or not-so-respectable debt such as maxed-out credit cards or overdue bills, you do not have to be a slave to our materialistic world or consumed with worry over the future of money. Say "no" to the false god of money. There is a way to be generous and live for God while still being responsible with the wealth he wants us to use for the advancement of his kingdom.

With God, patience, faith and discipline, you can bust out from under the shackles of your creditors and become debt-free. Mega Debt-Busters contains all the godly budgeting advice and financial tips from the original Debt-Busters edition plus 3 times more new material updated to overcome today's financial challenges.

Chapter titles from Mega Debt-Busters book:

  • Time and Chance and Wealth
  • The False god of Money
  • Money Gathered Little by Little
  • Greed in the Bible
  • Greed Is One Click Away
  • The Pride of Money
  • Debt in the Bible
  • Seven Action Steps to Debt Freedom
  • Lazy Enough
  • The-LORD-Is-With-You Factor
  • The Future of Money
  • Convicted by the Widow's Offering

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Silly Daddy Cashes in on Brain Business

Silly Daddy Brain Business panel 1 by Joe Chiappetta
Silly Daddy Brain Business Comic by Joe Chiappetta panel 2
Silly Daddy Brain Business panels 2-5 by Joe Chiappetta
Silly Daddy Brain Business Poster by Joe Chiappetta

Soon, the days will come when a tech company comes along to pay people for sharing their own internal brainpower. The platform will surely be online, user-friendly and of course have a catchy logo--perhaps a simple illustration of a brain rigged up to look like an old parking meter. This brain sharing business must attempt to be ethical, and exhibit a solid business model. Done smartly, it could be the biggest thing since Uber (the ride sharing service). This will be a huge (literally mind-blowing) game changer for the way people make money and a social disruption to how people perceive the value of thought.

Ethics in Brain Tech Innovation

Those creating this business opportunity of renting out the brainpower of other people must craft their workloads with human safety in mind as a first priority. If not, morals, ethics, and anything else will be out the window for the general population and the results will be chaos. People sell themselves for all sorts of things: jobs they can't stand, giving plasma for cash, and of course, the longstanding practice of people selling other people for various duties. That latter category certainly does not serve the greater good; it is evil. But slavery is sadly a historical, and even ongoing, fact of life.

The concept of humans being paid to share their own personal brain power on an extra level will happen--it's just a question of exactly when and how. This is not merely the stuff of science fiction. The brain sharing business will either be as simple as paying someone per thought-task completed (probably in digital currency such as bitcoin or ethereum) with accountability tracking built in, or the business may become as intrusive as actually being able to physically plug your mind directly into a larger electronic network and let that network pull some of your computational brain powers out of you while you are doing something else like watching television, driving somewhere, or making dinner.

These practices will have wide appeal, because they have the illusion of choice and empowerment, as in, "I am deciding to do this of my own free will because I need the money, plus it's about time someone paid me for all my untapped mind power!" That sounds promising, but I believe such a business also has the danger to produce all sorts of negative side effects from distraction to depression, or from anxiety to obsession if human rights and integrity are not at the center of the brain sharing business model and operating procedures.

For such a brain sharing business to work well for the good of all parties involved, there would need to be a lot of (you guessed it) thought that goes into it. Medical cases studies should also be conducted first. Why? Because people who work or go to school full time or raise kids during the day need their down time; it's a time to recharge, reflect, meditate, let the mind sift through the wonders of the day, and pray.

If such times of precious rejuvenation are eroded away by the lure of easy money in one's own down time, watch out! I believe all sorts of emotional challenges, social disorders, sleep disorders, or at least driving hazards will be created as people try to get extra thought-money generated while they're traveling or doing other such tasks that require being mentally present. There are even Bible verses that caution against people trying to do too much at once. King Solomon, famous for being the wisest man of his era, said "Better one handful with tranquility than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind" (Ecclesiastes 4:6). There is much to be said about the peace and quiet of simplicity.

However, if a brain renting business process could be created that remained truly ethical and kept human safety at the forefront, a number of disadvantaged groups mighty greatly benefit from these economic opportunities. For the underemployed, and the unemployed, and those who have been discriminated against by being cut off from the workforce (like many people with disabilities), sharing your brain power could create fresh streams of income, especially if the participant could actually earn a living wage while sharing their brain power without any negative side effects such as inability to concentrate, heightened anxiety, or seeing dead people.

As futurism eclipses hard reality, and science fiction becomes standard operating procedure, I can even see droves of people, barely above the poverty line, walking around with signs (or even tattoos) on their forehead that say, "This space for rent." With every new day, the hope is that more people will take charge of their own economic future. Some, of course, will inevitably charge more than others.

To read more of my work on finances, money management, and economics, see the book, Mega Debt-Busters.

Bitcoin for Silly Daddy - A Journey into Cryptocurrency

Silly Daddy Makes Bitcoin Comic. Leaves Reader Bankrolling in Laughs.
Silly Daddy Cryptocurrency Comic panel 1 by Joe Chiappetta

Silly Daddy Cryptocurrency Comic panel 2 by Joe Chiappetta

Silly Daddy Cryptocurrency Comic panel 3 by Joe Chiappetta

Silly Daddy Cryptocurrency Comic panel 4 by Joe Chiappetta

Silly Daddy Cryptocurrency Comic panel 5 by Joe Chiappetta

Silly Daddy Cryptocurrency Comic panel 6 by Joe Chiappetta

This economics comic is about much more than just silly pictures. How many years are we away from this webcomics scenario where good old paper money is frowned upon and even rejected?

Of course no person in their right mind would be so ungrateful (or foolish) as to turn down any form of currency as a gift. This brings us to think about the future of money on a wider scale. Will all the paper money and coins we currently use still be in place as real currency in ten years? We do not know. Certainly at the height of the Roman Empire, no one ever thought that its coins would go out of circulation. But that is exactly what has happened to every currency since the earliest origins of money. Governments rise and fall, and with them so goes their money. Truly, you cannot take it with you. 

The Future of Money Is Here Now?

Therefore there could come a time when early adopters of something called cryptocurrency actually prefer to receive money exclusively in digital currency that is not bound to any government. Put simply, cryptocurrency is digital money that is specially coded so that, theoretically, no one can steal it from the owner. For now, the most popular form of that cryptocurrency is bitcoin, with ethereum being the close runner up. What is bitcoin? It's a specific kind of encrypted digital currency that is already being used on a global scale. The future is here now. Where did bitcoin come from? The idea started in science fiction stories decades ago. Once the Internet became real, many people around the globe wanted to make digital money that wasn't tied to any one country--it was for everyone. Think of bitcoin as the real money of a virtual "country" called the Internet.

Bitcoin users are usually highly proactive about how to help newcomers cross over to wider bitcoin usage. They love to make new converts. They are very evangelistic; similar to real biblical evangelists, bitcoin enthusiasts are some of the most passionate, vocal, and innovative people when it comes to their spreading of the "good news" of bitcoin. More and more, bitcoin users are only too happy to teach others how to understand and use bitcoin. It's been going on for a few years already. Like the rest of the rapidly expanding user base of cryptocurrency, this is a massive global movement--the bitcoin movement.

Of course, no form of money should ever be a cause to live for. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil (1 Timothy 6:10), so be warned. People must live for things eternal, and helping others along the way. It took me quite a long time from first hearing about bitcoin to actually getting involved in it as a useful form of currency. With all the other priorities I am committed to, I have to make sure personally that I am not living to serve bitcoin. I believe what Jesus says, "you cannot serve both God and money." (Matthew 6:24)

That said, every movement needs at least a few good cartoons. Here I offer a bitcoin movement cartoon from the Silly Daddy Comics Universe. As a cartoonist, I am quite hopeful to see the mediums in which bitcoin will advance and prosper for all parties involved. I remember when webcomics were a new concept and people were trying to figure out an easy way to send micropayments (like little tips) to creators. That never really got off the ground. But today, bitcoin and online comics could make a great combo for an online tipping platform. It will be fun to see what the future holds.

Before jumping on the bitcoin bandwagon, there's a lot more information to weigh out. Most investments (including buying bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum) are really very calculated risks. It's not much different than gambling, which is mostly about odds, chances, and even gut level feelings. But a calculated risk--an investment--in something such as bitcoin is best done after a person reviews enough information to make an educated decision that the level of risk is acceptable.

People that hold bitcoin right now do get a real value for it. This isn't a case of "maybe this will be worth something some day." Bitcoin is worth something right now. You can use it to buy all sorts of things instantly at this very moment online. As for the future, only God knows what will really endure, whether it be bitcoin, the US dollar, or some other currency. Based on all the information I have absorbed, I believe both bitcoin and the US dollar have a lot of support and a lot of people/organizations fighting for each currency's perpetual establishment and expansion.

What is most remarkable to me is how quickly both forms of currency have spread over the whole world and become an influencer of people in pretty much every nation on the planet. In a sense, these currencies have "evangelized the world." In the case of bitcoin, that global expansion to all nations has happened in less than a decade. Therefore, because of this spreading to all parts of the world, I imagine that there will be a significant place for both bitcoin and the US dollar for many years to come.

In the same way that evangelists of bitcoin and the US dollar use every opportunity to make their respective currency known to more and more people, my hope and desire is for an eternal good news. As much as we'd like to think otherwise, we can't take our money with us to the grave. My prayer is that faithful followers will earn and be given all kinds of currency to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to every corner of the world so that all nations will know that the only true path to God is through Jesus. Accept no counterfeits. As it is written in the Bible, Jesus is the only way to the Father (John 14:6), and there is no other name given by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12). Let everyone affirm with certainty, with no apology; "I only accept the Bible."

The word of God is the only "currency" that reaches beyond the grave.
Invest in that!

To take a deeper dive into what kind of money mentality we need in this fast paced cha-ching kind of world, please read my helpful book Mega Debt-Busters.
Mega Debt-Busters book cover detail of boot stepping on cash - art by Joe Chiappetta

Space Daughter and Flying Cars

Space Daughter and Flying Cars panel 1 - Silly Daddy Comic by Joe Chiappetta

Space Daughter and Flying Cars panel 3 - Silly Daddy Comic by Joe Chiappetta

Making a statement about the high cost of personal vehicle expenses, the young Space Daughter observes a dazzling sky full of airborne space ships and says, "Flying Cars??? I'm still paying off my non-flying car!"

Inflation, disruptive technology, and our built in aging process make for a rapidly and constantly changing world that looks very little like the world of olden days. All we can do is adapt and re-position ourselves to face the unknown future with a persevering spirit.

I have two daughters, and they both influenced me in the making of this Silly Daddy sci-fi comic. One daughter really is in the long process of paying off a car, and the other daughter was drawing flying cars and other silly pictures with me the other night for family time. I thank God for my daughters.

Digital comic by Joe Chiappetta 2015 drawn on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone in S Note program.

Personal finances, car payments, and debt are a big deal that we all must wrestle with in this world. I write about it at great length in the book Mega Debt-Busters.

We Are Family - A Silly Daddy Comic and Essay

We Are Family - Panel 1 - Silly Daddy Comic by Joe Chiappetta
We Are Family - Panel 2 - Silly Daddy Comic by Joe Chiappetta
We Are Family - Panel 3 - Silly Daddy Comic by Joe Chiappetta
We Are Family - Panel 4 - Silly Daddy Comic by Joe Chiappetta
We Are Family - Panel 5 - Silly Daddy comic by Joe Chiappetta
We Are Family - Panel 6 - Silly Daddy comic by Joe Chiappetta
We Are Family - Panel 7 - Silly Daddy Comic by Joe Chiappetta
We Are Family - Panel 8 - Silly Daddy comic by Joe Chiappetta
We Are Family - Panel 9 - Silly Daddy comic by Joe Chiappetta
We Are Family - Panel 10 - Silly Daddy comic by Joe Chiappetta
We Are Family - Panel 11 - Silly Daddy comic by Joe Chiappetta
We Are Family - Panel 12 - Silly Daddy comic by Joe Chiappetta

Silly Daddy comics celebrates the family unit in all it's God-given, down to earth, splendor.

Family Cartoonist, Husband, and Father Expresses our Shared Unity in the Lives We Live.

The family unit (husband, wife, and their children) was designed by God to be a core component of our human experience. Due to a steady erosion of family unity in our culture, my work focuses on the restoration of family. This has been done through the visual art of the comic strip. Themes in these works revolve around building, repairing, and celebrating family, despite all obstacles.

My family documentary work celebrating the joys and heartaches of life as a parent have been expressed in comics for the past 25 years. Striving to present a pure-hearted view of parenting, marriage, and building unity, these slice-of-life vignettes are designed to leave viewers with a sense of hope and a future. Due to personal experience with a number of health impairments, I also frequent disability issues in my work, combining humor with the intent to help others have more compassion for those in need. Living life to the full despite health challenges is recurring theme. My work aims to combine creativity with integrity to inspire the world to live a respectful and meaningful life under God almighty.

As a former single dad, and now a husband and father of three, generating work that is inclusive to all ages is vital. Art that is encouraging for kids, parents and grandparents to experience together is becoming a rare commodity as society increases its appetite for art that replaces good-old-fashioned soul with sinister shock-value. Real life, if you're really living it and giving it your all, has enough surprises of its own. As for me, I am content with having the LORD to be "my shepherd... he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul" (Psalm 23:1-3).

At the end of the day, I hope my life, and my work will stand as a message of light shining in a dark place--a guidepost for the soul.

Joe Chiappetta, Artist's Statement, 2015

Comic drawings at top are by Joe Chiappetta 2015, ink on pieces of 11" x 8.5" paper (one being photographed with sand, rocks, and a shell in Chicago at Loyola Beach), as well as digital drawings and GIF animation on an Acer computer.

For more on family, see almost every one of my Books.

Silly Daddy: A Real Patriot

In the true spirit of America, a young teen boy proudly holds up a BBQ beef sandwich along with the American flag and declares, "I'm so grateful for Independence Day: there's more hamburgers to eat!"

Happy birthday, USA.

Those who know me might have guessed that there is deep political satire and social commentary grilled into the meat of this comic. Sizzle, sizzle, goes the silly picture.

Comic drawn by Joe Chiappetta, 2015 on Google Nexus tablet in SketchBook program.