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The Art-Arcade Atmosphere on Blockchain

The Art-Arcade Atmosphere on Blockchain by Joe Chiappetta, crypto artist
The Art-Arcade Atmosphere on Blockchain is rare digital art available on MakersPlace.

The Art-Arcade Atmosphere on Blockchain:
Commending Good Crypto Galleries and Gaming Projects

No one really needs to know what a good crypto gallery is, or a good crypto gaming project is... but once you do know, such tech innovations sure do open up a whole new world of opportunities! Both for entertainment purposes as well as for collecting digital art, an impressive amount of development is happening. Short for "cryptocurrency," crypto-galleries and crypto-gaming platforms are part of a growing international ecosystem that uses cryptocurrency to quickly pay for things like digital art or game items. Indeed, it's not that you need to know this, but many are already having fun with it as well as building unique businesses around it. Perhaps you should too.

Every complex ecosystem comes with many diverse and rapidly operating parts. It is a fragile balance. Think of one button in a video game arcade. Remove that button from the game, and game play is ruined. Besides, not many could wire that button back into the game effectively. Now add such sensitivity to the complexity of all the games in an arcade. On top of that, add a diversity of players, with all the unpredictability that comes with human nature. It's a whole universe of intricate pieces in a delicate balance, yet producing an unforgettable (and usually pretty cool) atmosphere.

Such balance of ecosystem parts is also the case with art and gaming on the blockchain. Many of today's collectors want their collection to be mobile, rare, transferable, valuable, auction-able, visible, highly promoted, secure... and the list goes on. Blockchains like Counterparty, Ethereum, and EOS provide key features for such an ecosystem. The cryptocurrencies that fuel these networks add to the mystique of "Hey look at me; I'm using weird, futuristic internet money." Yet beyond this gut-level appeal, there is a depth of true innovation going on underneath the hood.

Developing a cryptocurrency application that serves as a marketplace for rare digital art and gaming items is one thing--and a significant thing it is. Designing this marketplace to also be user-friendly, fast, respectable, compliant, and secure is quite another thing. Attracting engaged community members and customers is yet another thing: as is forging great partnerships, and of course, funding the project until it becomes self-sustaining.

The list of essential project components that lead to success is no small ensemble. There's also retaining customers and partners, moderating those who violate the project's terms of service, scheduling public events, managing team members and bounty programs, building cross-blockchain payment systems as well as payment systems for those wanting to pay in traditional currency, educating new customers, maintaining government compliance as laws change... and the list keeps going on and on.

Reflecting upon these moving parts, I must commend a number of projects for tackling these elements with perseverance. While there are more than these 3 that are worthy of attention, I focus on these because I have the most personal experience with their products, team members, and community.
  • EverdreamSoft Crystal Suite: operates Spells of Genesis, one of the oldest (and still great) blockchain games, as well as a diverse rare digital art gallery with wide gamer appeal
  • MakersPlace: a most user-friendly and versatile rare digital art gallery, also doing innovative things to gamify the collecting of art
  • pixEOS: operates 7 active blockchain games, with a rare digital art gallery in the works

Has each project mastered every aspect of the points I highlighted? No... not yet. However, each project listed here does have real working products now. They also have a vision aligned with those above-mentioned points, as well as implementation and/or plans to back it up. As alluded to earlier, I can say these things with confidence since I am active in all of these communities, and a grateful user/artist/collector on each of their respective platforms.

So keep "blockchainizing" the arcades of today. Keep building in a delicate balance where none have built before. Keep creating a future that those who come later will thank you for.

Joe Chiappetta

Once Upon a Time in Pasadena

Once Upon a Time in Pasadena is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
Once Upon a Time in Pasadena is rare digital art available on MakersPlace.

Once upon a time in Pasadena, I found an American bridge to Mediterranean delights.
I found that every street can be more amazing than the next.
I found that a mountain backdrop makes everything wonderful.

Once upon a time in Pasadena, I found whales of fortune riding waves of home pricing.
I found all that glitters is not gold... it's also wildfire, sushi and real estate.
I found that fancy cars--both old and new--are as common as palm trees.

Once upon a time in Pasadena, I found the earth quake under my feet, and life goes on.
I found that people freak out more over a little rain than they probably should.
I found that persistently pleasant weather is not the best character-builder.

Once upon a time in Pasadena, I found a history of America I never knew.
I found the lure of fame and Hollywood appear to be just a stone's throw away.
I found talented people to be a dime-a-dozen, singing sadder songs than they should be singing.

Once upon a time in Pasadena, I found that rich cities still desperately need God.
I found more homeless people than there should be.
I found humanity.

Once upon a time in Pasadena, I found a man, and his wife, desperately needing God.
I found humility.
I found the real me.

Joe Chiappetta

Beach Perspective

Beach Perspective is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
Beach Perspective by Joe Chiappetta is available as rare digital art on MakersPlace.

"Beach Perspective" is crypto art that takes the concept of disguise to deep and dizzy levels! Welcome to some very experimental artwork. It is my favorite kind to make. It is art that says, "Go to the beach," in the same breath as it also declares, "Make digital art," while also promoting a powerful message through the reading of comics!

This is what happens when I combine more than a few of my favorite things. Hopefully I gave birth to something wonderful, or at least pretty cool. It is rare digital art with a simple lesson about changing your perspective to change your life. I have written whole books about such topics in the past, and I suppose I am overdue to visualize the concept of perspective change here in this artwork.

As I recall all the times I have grown in my life, one of the main elements that was the trigger to growth was changing my perspective. Once I could see things clearer, or from a more comprehensive perspective, change would almost naturally follow. Similar to how knowing a superhero's secret identity changes your whole perspective about that character, removing the disguises we wear and being real helps us come to grips with the deeper truths of this life, in all their glory and sorrow.

Like the shifting sands, it is with a fleeting yet flashy glory that this art has come together. Drawing on sand, do-it-yourself collage mentality, animation, generative art, fake high-tech gadgets, found objects, superhero secret identities, cryptocurrency logos, inspirational phrases, and comics are all highly favorite topics of mine. Rarely do I employ every one of these themes into one loaded piece of art. Indeed, before now I was not sure if such a thing could (or should) be done. Yet here I have combined them all for my enjoyment--and I hope--yours too.

Speaking of enjoyment, the character drawn on the sand (at Long Beach, California) is very loosely based on the pixEOS logo. Of course, the real pixEOS logo does not have ocean shells for teeth or plastic Easter eggs for eyeballs. Regarding pixEOS, that crypto project has a highly entertaining blockchain game center with something for everyone. My favorite game so far is called pixEOS Paint Arcade. It can be found in pixEOS Game Center. In that retro-style arcade game, you move around colored shapes until they fit just right. I suppose I appreciate the game so much because that's exactly what I do when I make art: move shapes around in pursuit of a victory.

Joe Chiappetta

Silly Daddy Costs Money

Silly Daddy Costs Money is a rare digital art comic on MakersPlace by Joe Chiappetta
Silly Daddy Costs Money is available on MakersPlace as rare digital art.

I love my children. That's what parents do. In the course of that love, money (much money) will be spent on them, providing for their needs and getting them extra gifts. This also is a typical fact of parenting.

Yet since no parent is made entirely of money, we need to be frugal about when to spend money on our kids, and when to get things done without spending money. Such is the context of a recurring conversation that I've had with one of my dear children. We would be talking about what we wanted to do together for quality time. I would suggest free things (like a hike) while she would suggest costly things (like going shopping).

With such a conversation fresh in mind, the following Silly Daddy comic strip came to life. It's the fabric of my personal story. This is my life. Yet for many a parent, it is probably your life too.

Joe Chiappetta

Blind Demon of Crypto Art

This colorful and lightly animated piece of digital art is layered with all sorts of depth as well as trivial matters. It is meant to be a bit of a profound mystery waiting to be unraveled by the inquiring mind. Isn't that just like real life? One minute we are pushing against the weight of the whole world. Then suddenly, our sentiments adjust to external circumstances and we find ourselves talking about the shifting shapes of clouds while singing nostalgic pop songs that have no real meaning. How did we get here? What's the big picture again?
Blind Demon of Crypto Art is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
The Blind Demon of Crypto Art is available on MakersPlace as rare digital art.

The big picture is often-times too big to wrap our heads around. So let's ease into the big picture by talking about something fun and slightly mysterious itself. Cryptocurrency, as well as artwork related to cryptocurrency (also known as Crypto Art), are both relatively new innovations. Much excitement--as well as controversy--follows them almost wherever they go. Indeed, cryptocurrency, crypto art, and the blockchains they revolve around, hold remarkable promise for opportunity. While I am a fan of these advancements in economics and the art delivery ecosystem, I must admit that cryptocurrency and crypto art also hold potential for great loss as well as waste.

Why would such a paradox exist within these blockchain-born creations? It's important to understand that cryptocurrency, as well as crypto art (AKA cryptoart), are both merely tools. Whether it be the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Counterparty, or EOS blockchain, such chains are neither good, nor bad. Their value to society depends on what people do with these tools. The "good" or "bad" aspects of cryptocurrency and cryptoart reside in the human hands who wield these futuristic tools of today.

It is reflecting on these principles that I present this essay, designed to accompany the cryptoart piece which I painted of the very same title:

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art wants to be worshiped.
He wants you to think that you need to be worshiped too.
He wants you to think that crypto art will solve most of the world's problems.

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art wants you to make blockchain your new religion.
He wants you to think that cryptocurrency leaders are uniquely qualified to save the world.
He wants you to think that economic revolution will happen any minute now.

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art is very attractive and entirely compelling.
He goes by many names, including Art on the Blockchain Demon, Rare Digital Art Demon, Digital Goods Demon, Non-Fungible Token Demon, Tokenized Art Demon, Crypto-Collectible Demon, Rare Digital Assets Demon, Blockchain Art Demon; the list goes on.
Yet regardless of the remarkable innovation this creature so boldly associates himself with, never forget; he is a demon.

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art wants you to think that your art will last forever.
He wants every crypto artist to believe that collectors will gladly buy most of their creations.
He wants you to think that cryptocurrency will last forever.

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art wants you to think the market is not flooded.
He wants you to live for art and not the demands of responsible reality.
He wants you to check the prices of cryptocurrency at least twice a day--every day.

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art wants you to think that Internet acquaintances love you deeply.
He wants you to serve cryptocurrency and art with equal passion.
He wants you to only be happy if a collector buys your rare digital art.

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art wants you to love cryptocurrency and art instead of loving people.
He wants to be your closest relationship.
He wants you to sell your soul, and he gladly takes payment in all all kinds of crypto.

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art is wrong.
He is not your friend.
He is your enemy.