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Crypto Couple Comics

Marriage on the blockchain... it's forever and fun.

I just released Crypto Couple! This comic is a blockchain card available on Book of Orbs in their CrystalsCraft collection. Book of Orbs is one of my top sites to issue rare digital art on because their system is so smartly designed. Plus, to date, I have sold over 100 editions of my various crypto-collectibles through this amazing marketplace.

Regarding this particular cartoon, funny marriage conversations are a popular recurring theme in my Silly Daddy Comics. In fact, you can also read many more of them in Silly Daddy Forever, which is my giant-sized comic book that came out last year. For the record, my wife is also my Steemit friend too. Note additionally that this crypto-art comic contains only 0.0123% of all the actual fun I have in my wonderful marriage to my awesome wife!

Joe Chiappetta

A Crypto Unicorn Is Born

Bitcoin + Unicorns + Crypto Comics = Instant Fun

For those not familiar with Southern California, I present a typical scene of our culture. Notice the colorful yet untamed creatures scheming for market domination. Marvel at the entrepreneurial ingenuity of these beautiful, sun-baked minds. Among the breathtaking backdrop of the rolling hills, catch that wild start-up spirit of boldness and natural ingenuity... or not.

But seriously, this crypto-art comic strip pokes fun at some of the sillier things going on in the never-boring cryptocurrency space. Consider this rare digital art as the lighter side of bitcoin and initial coin offerings (ICOs). If you are not sure what cryptocurrency or ICOs are, think bitcoin mutations gone wild--some are good, some are not. And if you are still not sure what any of that means, you should remain able to chuckle at the colorful wonders of Unicorn Coin!

You can buy this rare digital art on MakersPlace using Ethereum or a Credit Card. It is issued in a limited edition of only 10 copies.

My ultra-talented wife, Denise Chiappetta colored portions of this comic, and it just goes to show how much of a great colorist she is. Of course, I am happily married to this dear woman, so I might be slightly biased. She is actually good at whatever she puts her mind to do. Over the years she has colored hundreds of my comics excellently.

Parody of a Crypto Logo:

While this cartoon strip is obviously a parody, I do believe that having a solid logo plays a tiny part in whether or not a cryptocurrency will grow and achieve mass adoption. It must be a psychological thing, especially because all cryptos are digital; there is little tangibility so everything needs an image to gravitate towards. Consider all the various logos that stay in our minds throughout our lifetime; they must be communicating something on a subconscious level.

As for Unicorn Coin... well, communicating a few laughs is about all that it has in its favor. For the extra-curious art historians, readers can also see an early black and white version of this artwork in print on the pages of my giant-sized comic book, Silly Daddy Forever!

More Cryptocurrency Comics Needed:

I do understand that a number of my long-time Silly Daddy readers might remain perplexed at the concept of cryptocurrency and crypto-collectibles. Indeed, for many folks, this is strange, heavy, exciting, weird, and a little scary. It brings up a lot of strong emotion in people. To capitalize on these opportunities, and help people process these lightning-fast financial changes, more comics about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, ICO drama, government regulations, and blockchain technology would go a long way in helping the rest of the population know the full scope of groundbreaking (as well as heartbreaking) things happening in the art-on-the-blockchain space.

To answer that call, I do hope you enjoy my funny comic strip view into this ever-growing economic paradigm shift. The monetary system is changing literally under our noses, and therefore we might as well have a few good laughs about it through the mighty medium of comics. While we educate ourselves about new dreams, nightmares, and other dramatics coming true in altcoin adventures, let's also laugh at the days to come with some comics. Cue up the crypto-cartoon unicorns.

Joe Chiappetta

The Bombastic Bat Pop

With comics, candy, and superheroes, how can anyone go wrong? Popping colorfully off the pages of a comic book universe near you, the flavorful super-hero known only as Bat Pop is sure to sweeten up the streets with crime-busting hard punches as well as colorful hard candy for the law-abiding citizens!

You can buy this rare digital art on MakersPlace using Ethereum or a Credit Card. It is issued in a limited edition of only 10 copies.

I might have set my own personal record for how many different programs I used to make this piece of rare digital art. First I sketched a black and white version of the Bat Pop character on the Dada NYC online platform. Then I drew the cartoon-related background images on my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil in the Procreate app. Then I ran the background images through the composer on the Cryptographics site. As if these arts endeavors were not enough, then I colored the Bat Pop faces in my desktop program and added the comic-themed background. Of course, between each step, I also fought crime. But that's another story.

Joe Chiappetta

Crypto Fly-By-Night Alliance

We can all strike a scenic pose and look good with the right props. Some creatures look poised to fly high at any moment. Meanwhile many claim to have the answers--to be filled with light. Yet with both of these scenarios, all too many folks never really get off the ground. And even more are full of only darkness.

I drew this crypto-art animation as social commentary. Am I taking an easy jab at the current state of cryptocurrency regulations and market volatility? Or is this comic about even deeper issues? Greed? Confusion? Fear? Recklessness? Disunity? Perhaps it is all of the above.

And if none of this makes sense, you can still enjoy the pretty colors. Yet it does seem fitting that this animation is actually issued as a one-of-a-kind piece of rare digital art on the SuperRare marketplace. Be dazzled!

Joe Chiappetta

Low Flying Dream

I have a recurring dream about flying. It is an incredibly fun process and these dreams come at the most random, unpredictable times. This dream is so enjoyable that I look at it as a gift from God. Mind you, I can't fly fast in these dreams, like Superman. But I fly slow, low to the ground, and peacefully. I hope to experience this also in real life some day.

The landscape I am flying over in these dreams is always very hilly. That is a bit ironic because I started having these dreams for many years as a Chicagoan, which is a city known for being a complete flatland. The only hills there are man-made, and hard to find.

Now I live in Southern California, which is famous for its many hills and mountains. Even though I have lived in SoCal for over 2 years, the sights and sensations of traveling up and down through these hills is still surprising and exciting. In fact, this hilly landscape is much more like my dream-scape, which I find pleasantly amusing. I never thought I would live in the land of my dreams. Yet here I am.
Joe Chiappetta