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Blind Demon of Crypto Art

Blind Demon of Crypto Art is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
The Blind Demon of Crypto Art is available on MakersPlace as rare digital art.

Cryptocurrency, as well as artwork related to cryptocurrency (also known as Crypto Art), are both relatively new innovations. Much excitement--as well as controversy--follows them almost wherever they go. Indeed, cryptocurrency, crypto art, and the blockchains they revolve around, hold remarkable promise for opportunity. While I am a fan of these advancements in economics and the art delivery ecosystem, I must admit that cryptocurrency and crypto art also hold potential for great loss as well as waste.

Why would such a paradox exist within these blockchain-born creations? It's important to understand that cryptocurrency, as well as crypto art (AKA cryptoart), are both merely tools. Whether it be the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Counterparty, or EOS blockchain, such chains are neither good, nor bad. Their value to society depends on what people do with these tools. The "good" or "bad" aspects of cryptocurrency and cryptoart reside in the human hands who wield these futuristic tools of today.

It is reflecting on these principles that I present this essay, designed to accompany the cryptoart piece which I painted of the very same title:

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art wants to be worshiped.
He wants you to think that you need to be worshiped too.
He wants you to think that crypto art will solve most of the world's problems.

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art wants you to make blockchain your new religion.
He wants you to think that cryptocurrency leaders are uniquely qualified to save the world.
He wants you to think that economic revolution will happen any minute now.

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art is very attractive an compelling.
He goes by many names, including Art on the Blockchain Demon, Rare Digital Art Demon, Digital Goods Demon, Non-Fungible Token Demon, Tokenized Art Demon, Crypto-Collectible Demon, Rare Digital Assets Demon, Blockchain Art Demon; the list goes on.
Yet regardless of the remarkable innovation this creature so boldly associates himself with, never forget; he is a demon.

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art wants you to think that your art will last forever.
He wants every crypto artist to believe that collectors will gladly buy most of their creations.
He wants you to think that cryptocurrency will last forever.

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art wants you to think the market is not flooded.
He wants you to live for art and not the demands of responsible reality.
He wants you to check the prices of cryptocurrency at least twice a day--every day.

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art wants you to think that Internet acquaintances love you deeply.
He wants you to serve cryptocurrency and art with equal passion.
He wants you to only be happy if a collector buys your rare digital art.

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art wants you to love cryptocurrency and art instead of loving people.
He wants to be your closest relationship.
He wants you to sell your soul, and he gladly takes payment in all all kinds of crypto.

The Blind Demon of Crypto Art is wrong.
He is not your friend.
He is your enemy.

Pasadena Pops Art

Jam to the Pasadena Pops by Joe Chiappetta
Jam to the Pasadena Pops is rare digital art available on MakersPlace.

As an orchestra celebrating, preserving, and performing music from the Great American Songbook, a night with the Pasadena Pops is a night to remember! Thanks to my friend Jim Fenton, whose company, City National Bank is a sponsor, my wife and I had the true pleasure of seeing the Pasadena Pops deliver tunes that never failed to move the heart and bring a healthy dose of nostalgia and inspiration to all attendees. Held at the LA County Arboretum, the outdoors never sounded so passionately panoramic.

As an artist who loves to sketch from life, I have a long history of drawing performers while at various concerts. On-stage personalities become melodic models, ever in motion. Therefore I like to join in the fun by capturing that moment with more than a few artistic strokes of a digital paint brush.

In one of my drawings, Vocalist Tony Yazbeck is wow-ing the audience with song and dance. The performance is worthy of any classic, epic, and award-winning musical. In many of these musical numbers, one of the orchestra members appeared to be more visible than the rest, even though he was farther back. Perhaps he was standing or sitting on a stool. I could not tell. Only the top of his instrument was somewhat apparent to see. Yet the sounds were universally apparent to all. Once cannot help but immediately sense that the presence of greatness has been witnessed.

While I firmly believe that real life will always be better that any art I can create, my hope is that my music-inspired art makes you want to experience the good in life all the more. Certainly that's the attitude that the Pasadena Pops deliver non-stop... and they make it look easy. Yet we know it's not.

The Giant of Pasadena Pops by Joe Chiappetta
The Giant of Pasadena Pops is rare digital art available on MakersPlace.

On my end, such art was created largely by drawing somewhat synchronized to the beat of each song. In fact, while most may never notice, between brush strokes, if an observer would have looked carefully, they might have seen my digital stylus mimicking the movements of the musical conductor. Does such mini-conductor imitation make for better art? You be the judge.

Joe Chiappetta

LA Dodger Woman

LA Dodger Woman by Joe Chiappetta
LA Dodger Woman is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta on MakersPlace.

My wife and I went to a Los Angeles Dodgers game this summer. It was our first time in their stadium and we really enjoyed our time at the ball park. They have many photo opportunity spots within this pro baseball stadium surrounded by scenic Southern California mountains. 

One of the coolest indoor spots we found was a collection of historic ball park signs that really take you back in time in a cool way. This drawing started out as a contour line drawing of that classic American scene. It is an attempt to capture the lively simplicity of the baseball fan experience, as well as a way to memorialize the fun outing we had at the old ball game.

Joe Chiappetta

Victory of the Spiritual Mind

Victory of the Spiritual Mind - cryptoart by Joe Chiappetta
Victory of the Spiritual Mind is rare digital art available on MakersPlace

We all want victory in as many areas of our life as possible. For me, this is especially evident in the things I go to God about in prayer daily. The things I want to gain a victory in are the things I am typically praying about... over and over. Such things have become the themes of this surreal, symbolic digital painting of mine.

Many of these themes are easy to spot in the painting but some may be more subtle, because this particular artwork has paintings within paintings. Therefore I will list the victory-seeking areas I have painted about in this piece of animated art, and I will do so in the form of a prayer:

Dear God, please grant me, my friends, and family great and enduring victory in the realms of faith, servitude, kindness, business, finances, cryptoart, family-building, playfulness, insight, friendships, joy, and peace. Amen!

Joe Chiappetta

Father Daughter Treasure Time

Father Daughter Treasure Time by Joe Chiappetta

Father Daughter Treasure Time is rare digital art available on MakersPlace.

Fatherhood and parenting have been recurring themes in my art and comics for 3 decades. It has forever changed me--as it should--for the better. I know I am not alone.

This drawing started as a sketch of a father named Jason Berns. He is happily holding his youngest child in the relative quiet of his backyard. The letter "B" on his shirt is from his company logo for The Berns Team, which is a prominent real estate company in the Los Angeles area. In fact, The Berns Team is one of the most accomplished realtors in LA county, helping families find remarkable homes to treasure. I know this because my wife and I have seen some of these homes, and they are pretty incredible.

Yet as this man holds his precious child, business accomplishments fade to the background--as they should. More important matters are at hand. Fathers being highly accomplished at remarkable parenting... that's where the real treasure is.

Joe Chiappetta