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Seek And Ye Shall Find Purity

"Rarity of Purity" is an animation I created, and my wife Denise colored, as a way to visualize the concept of purity. It is artwork that is available as a limited edition of only one on the SuperRare market for rare digital art. As a needed attribute for humankind, purity has become more and more scarce these days. Therefore it seemed only fitting to issue this rare artwork about purity on an art platform called SuperRare. Yet regardless of how scarce purity is thought of by the rest of the world, still we would all greatly benefit from seeking purity, finding purity, and maintaining a pure life.

Most people want or even expect purity from other people as well as other sources outside of themselves. For instance, we expect our water to be pure. We seek the cleanest beaches. We desire that the air we breathe be pure. When we buy a brand new phone, we expect it to be clean (pure)... without any viruses. Yet what about our own selves? Do we behave toward others in a way that is pure, clean, without blemish? Do we regard people with purity?

If you are like most people, you have had periods in your life where you did not lead a pure life. Many people have periods of gross impurity that is even shameful to mention in public--self included. Moreover, many are still stuck in such behavior, with no clue how to love a life of purity.

This is where a relationship with God comes in. Following the example of purity that Jesus lays out is the definitive way to be pure in this dark world. I started on this path 20 years ago this very month, and it is the best and most purifying decision I have ever made.

Sadly though, telling people this truth, that they must follow Jesus to be pure, is not the end of the matter. People still need to put what the Bible says about purity into practice. A select and gifted few can do this without further urging. But most will need a guide, and a lot of accountability.

This is where Dr. Raul Moreno's remarkable book comes in. It is called "A Battle That Even Kings Lost: Winning Your Own Battle For Sexual Purity." Specifically written as a Bible study guide that details major insights from the scriptures, it effectively teaches on purity. It is a book that every teenager and adult should take to heart. In fact, I am convinced that if everyone put this book into practice, there would be no divorce, no promiscuity, and no sexual abuse. It's written in very practical terms and full of practical lessons that compel each reader to increase their focus on living a pure life that honors God. Examples from the life of Israel's King David, as well as Solomon, Joseph, Samson, and many others (including the author's own life) are presented to help us relate and overcome our own personal struggle for consistent and godly purity.

Reading its 242 down-to-earth pages, I have come to have even more conviction about living a life of absolute purity. That means many things that incorporate constant self discipline. This includes treating people as dear souls rather than pieces of meat to lust over. While this concept, in and of itself is a deep practice to be applied, the book goes much deeper, and attentive readers benefit from being led in this way.

At the core of purity, Dr. Moreno does a fantastic job of directly linking our relationship with God back to how much we value living a life free from immoral and impure behaviors. And at the core of this, is our fear of God. In fact, chapter 7 is aptly entitled, "Delight in the Fear of the Lord." Raul make the solid case that our love for God is inseparable from our fear of God. Yes, on the surface this sounds a little contradictory. Yet the book puts forward Deuteronomy 10:12-13 as fitting evidence to support this truth.
"And now, O Israel, what does the LORD your God ask of you but to fear the LORD your God, to walk in all his ways, to love him, to serve the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul, and to observe the LORD's commands and decrees that I am giving you today for your own good?"
As Dr. Moreno wisely elaborates, a person can't truly love God unless they also fear him. And a person cannot fear God unless they also love him. For many, I realize that further explanation might be needed. Good. That is precisely what the book does so well. It grabs one point and just keeps hammering away at it. So get this book at, read it, apply it, and you will be forged into a new person, equipped to effectively win the battle that even kings lost!

Joe Chiappetta

Blockhead Gear - Cinematic Edition

This crypto comic strip presents oddly extreme measures to tap our minds for more resources. It is rare digital art that takes a comical turn to poke fun at crypto-technology as well as human relationships. While the theme of this comic is satirical, I do believe that there will soon come a technology that people will flock to because it claims to enhance us. Yet that same technology will end up destroying many people. So be on your guard.

On a stylistic level, this cinematic edition of Blockhead Gear harkens back to the early days of my comic-book roots, where scene-to-scene pacing and black and white ink art were my simple tools of the trade. It's art that is available on the SuperRare market for rare digital art. As limited edition artwork it can be bought and sold with Ethereum. This is a one-of-a-kind crypto-collectible, my longest crypto-art animation to date, and one of my personal favorites.

Joe Chiappetta

Crypto-Lawyer in the Half Shell

Often--and perhaps even too often--I will draw a scene in my mind or a scene from California life and it will turn out to be a decent drawing, in and of itself. Yet because I have created so many cartoons throughout my career, I usually then ask myself the following question; "How can I turn this drawing into a good comic?"

Such is the case with this crypto-art comic featuring a turtle and a woman enjoying some time upon their Southern California balcony. The drawing started out as a quick and simple drawing of my wife reclining in her chair. In the background can be seen the mountains that ever-define the Angeles National Forest, which we have hiked through on many occasions.

Since my family had recently visited a pack of turtles on our walk through the campus ponds at Caltech (which is near our condo), I logically decided to infuse a turtle into my balcony drawing. Then I wondered what a conversation between a turtle and my wife might sound like. This was actually not hard to imagine, since at our previous Pasadena apartment, we had tiny little turtles as pets--yet sadly they all died. Nevertheless, none of those imaginings led me to good material for a comic.

Therefore my drawing just floated in limbo for a few weeks until I decided that the turtle should say something absurd, yet also topical to cutting-edge current events. And not coincidentally, there have been some interesting developments unfolding in the cryptocurrency space regarding various government regulations. My wife and I learned about some of these rulings at a great Blockchain Bash event in Santa Monica last week. In light of such things, I decided that this turtle must become a crypto-lawyer. That's when the comic sort of wrote itself.

Naturally, such a comic strip must be put on the blockchain. And it must be issued as a crypto-collectible. That's why you can now bid on the color comic and buy it using cryptocurrency on the SuperRare digital art market, which runs on Ethereum. With all the California references in this artwork, I also refer to this piece of rare digital art as Cali-Crypto-Lawyer in the Half Shell.

Below is the initial black and white digital sketch. The funnest part was just drawing this sketch here. The more disciplined part of the creative process was then coloring it and transforming that artwork into a finished 3-panel comic strip.

As alluded to previously, I think that my initial black and white digital drawing also presents well as a stand-alone piece of digital art. I drew it on my old Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone using the stylus. The app I used to draw the initial sketch on the phone is called Autodesk SketchBook and it is a pretty nice drawing app for mobile devices. That simple California scene was then sent to my iPad Pro, where I completed the comic using Apple Pencil in the Procreate app.

Case closed!
Joe Chiappetta

Crypto Risky Business

I drew this comic to poke fun at the riskiness of not just crypto-businesses, but any business venture. I drew this cartoon in black and white using an ink brush at the Ethereal Summit in New York City in summer 2018. Then I colored it on my touch-screen computer and am now issuing it as a limited edition piece of rare digital art. You can bid on and perhaps buy this crypto-collectible using Ethereum at the SuperRare marketplace:

Some might even say that then you'd be joining me in a lifetime of risky business.

Why did I draw this particular piece of crypto-art? In the cryptocurrency space, there is often a popular perception that what people are doing is so much more risky than what other entrepreneurs are doing. From my perspective, I do not see it that way for the law abiding citizen. Perhaps some specific actions carry greater risk, but this is true for all business. Business is always risky, so crypto-business does not necessarily mean more risk.

Let me briefly explain my background. I worked at a major Chamber of Commerce for 8 years, consulting with many small businesses and entrepreneurs. Additionally, I have had my own small business (in publishing, training, and consulting) for most of my adult life and network with countless entrepreneurs--some whose businesses have survived, but many whose businesses have not!

Therefore, what I have learned in half a decade is that the business space--in general--is so uncertain and filled with surprises, competition, market upheavals, regulation changes, personnel glitches, and all sorts of unpredictable actions. Risk is part of life, whether you are selling stocks, art, shoes, T-shirts, or construction services. Uncertainties can be good, or bad.

So pass me the crypto.

Joe Chiappetta

Silly Daddy Coin

First there was Bitcoin. Now there is Silly Daddy Coin!

Finally, after 26 years as one of the longest-running comics about family, Silly Daddy Comics now has its own cryptocurrency token. Unlike Bitcoin, there aren't 21 million of them. There are only 200 of them--issued as limited edition pieces of rare digital art. Using a cryptocurrency called BitCrystals, you can be one of the few collectors on the planet to own a Silly Daddy Coin. This epic opportunity to get Silly Daddy Coin is now available only on the Book of Orbs marketplace for crypto-art, in their CrystalsCraft collection.

Be part of comic and crypto-art history, where old money meets new money in this "loaded" father/son conversation.

Joe Chiappetta