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What Is ArtVndngMchn?

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Park Afternoon is rare digital art by
Park Afternoon is rare digital art by, available on AtomicHub.
The first thing to understand about ArtVndngMchn is that it is a multifaceted art project. As soon as a community member tries to describe it, they are simultaneously correct--yet leaving out so much. That's because ArtVndngMchn has never been about just one thing.

In fact, ArtVndngMchn is many things. Like our lives, it has multiple dimensions. Yet all of ArtVndngMchn's aspects are art-related, meant to be uplifting, and shepherded by Joe Chiappetta, having been in the cryptoart space since 2015, and a cartoonist since the mid-1980s. In one sentence it can be summarized that ArtVndngMchn is fine art experience with an unpredictably gamified life of its own. It is where the lines between gaming and fine art are intentionally blurred into many new things.

So what are these many new things that have become ArtVndngMchn?

  1. Digitally wrapped and randomized packages of fine art NFTs from over 20 international artists. ArtVndngMchn was the first to do this with fine art NFTs. Much mentoring of emerging artists takes place through the many crytoart OGs in the project.
    ArtVndngMchn fine art NFT packs
    ArtVndngMchn fine art NFT packs available on AtomicHub.
  2. A 3D virtual gallery and entertainment game space called ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park, experienced through a Minecraft server called The Uplift World in their Gratitude map at coordinates 3320, 2370.
    Sunrise Over ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park
    Sunrise Over ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available on AtomicHub.
  3. NFT assets that can be used as disposable ingredients to acquire new fine art NFTs through a process called blending in Neftyblocks.
    Totally California Window Scene is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
    Totally California Window Scene is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available on Neftyblocks.
  4. An art project used to raise money for the poor through MERCYworldwide.
Drilling down into these varied components of the project, it is also accurate to say that ArtVndngMchn is...
  1. An Artwork Theme of Fun and Family
  2. A Pioneering NFT Collection
  3. A Game within Minecraft
  4. A Metaverse Event Destination
  5. An Interactive Art Performance
    Certified Art Jumper Badge is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
    Certified Art Jumper Badge is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available on AtomicHub and acquired at special art events where players fall through multiple levels of fine art.
  6. A Metaverse Rollercoaster
  7. And more.

ArtVndngMchn Origins

Solidified under the project name "ArtVndngMchn," this ongoing series is widely know for its May 2021 on the WAX blockchain, consisting of hundreds of different fine artworks as NFTs, which sold out in seconds. New NFT pack collections come out at least twice per year.
ArtVndngMchn Propaganda Video is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
ArtVndngMchn Propaganda Video is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available on AtomicHub where often the promotional pieces became works of art too.
However in the generic sense, art vending machine paintings and drawings released as NFTs by Chiappetta can be traced back much earlier.
Crypto-Art ATM is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
Crypto-Art ATM is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available as part of the CrystalsCraft Collection in the early years of NFTs on Counterparty.
In 2018, early versions of art vending machines were created on Bitcoin/Counterparty, and later on Ethereum as well as EOS blockchains prior to the project's release on WAX.

In an even bigger-picture sense, ArtVndngMchn is a statement of human artistic development and progression in more ways than one. 
Humans is rare digital art by Isa Kost
Humans is rare digital art by Isa Kost, available on Atomic Hub.
The order of this creative human development online goes something like this:
  1. As it relates to fine art, the internet started as an art catalog.
  2. Then it became an art market via online ordering and shipping.
  3. Then it became an art creation tool through sites like and others.
  4. Then, through the invention of rare digital art (later called NFT), the internet became an art vending machine.
  5. Finally, through the merging of all of the above, the internet became an art metaverse.
Inside the ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park
Inside the ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park, where 2 virtual rollercoasters end.
What happens next is anyone's guess, but ArtVndngMchn is here to stay.

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