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ArtVndngMchn Series 1

Chiappetta family presents...
ArtVndngMchn Fine Art NFT project led by Joe Chiappetta on WAX


Gamified Way to Collect New Fine Art NFTs Wrapped in Bundles on Blockchain...
And 10% of Revenue Goes to Charity!

May 8th, 2021 Launch
ArtVndngMchn series 1 sold out in 26 seconds!

ArtVndngMchn NFT Packs make art history + positive impact on the poor.
ArtVndngMchn detail

ArtVndngMchn Top 10

  1. Innovation: First time fine art NFTs by 15 international artists are released as bundles in sealed random packages on WAX blockchain.
  2. Helpful: 10% project revenue will be donated to MERCYworldwideproviding school supplies for 100 children at Real MERCY School in one of the poorest floating cities in the world: Okobaba, Nigeria (near Lagos).

  3. Diverse: 6 women, 9 men from USA, Mexico, Brazil and Croatia.
  4. Mentoring: 6 established artists including OG cryptoartists are paired with 9 emerging artists to foster mentoring.
  5. Artists: Joe Chiappetta, Rare ScrillaRobness, Marko Zubak (MLIBTY), mBlu, Fabi Yamada, Sean O'Kana, Laerth MottaBeth Cohen,, Jen Lazaro, Paul S. BaldwinAnna Chiappetta, Luke Chiappetta, and Denise Chiappetta.
  6. Themes: uplifting, inspiring, hopeful, enlightening, light-hearted, fun.
  7. Types of NFTs: paintings, animations, comics, songs, videos, and experimental art.
  8. Gamified: 190 unique artworks are preminted in varying degrees of rarity. 58 of these are editions of only 1.
  9. Limited: Only 2,200 packs available.
  10. Affordable: Priced in WAX at a great discount ($10 and $100) to provide opportunity for all, OG cryptoartists in this collection typically sell individual NFTs for 100s and even 1000s of dollars.

Packs in 2 Versions:

ArtVndngMchn Standard Pack of fine art NFTs on WAX ArtVndngMchn Master Pack of fine art NFTs on WAX
ArtVndngMchn ChanceBot

Artists in Collection

Joe Chiappetta, residing in Southern California, is an award-winning author and cartoonist, best known for Silly Daddy Comics and as a cryptoart NFT pioneer.

Robness is a 2016 proto cryptoartist, creator of the controversial "64 Gallon Toter" NFT and partaker of every important part of the NFT movement thus far.

Marko Zubak is an influential and prolific Croatian artist in the fields of painting, sculpture, digital art, paper toys, animation best known as an OG cryptoartist on CryptoSkateboards, MLIBTY Shadows, Bugbots, yebomaycu project, and ye-boT initiative.

Rare Scrilla is an artist, music producer, DJ and seasoned cryptoart vet.

mBlu, Uplift.Art founder, is building the future of art, music and media in the NFT metaverse.

Fabi Yamada, a Mexican cryptoart artist who started drawing since she could hold a pencil, is always learning new techniques and combining them to make unique art with 2D illustrations, 3D renders, vectors, and animations to create new possibilities in digital art.

Laerth Motta is a Brazilian painter whose motto is: To do is to find a way, to invent is to find an idea.

Sean O'Kana, originally from Oxnard, California, is focused on moving the soul as a longtime rapper, also on the cutting edge as an artist and evangelist based in Guam. is an art and writing entity that seeks to facilitate and explore personal, familial, and collective healing by way of vulnerability, awareness, and cultural deconstruction.

Paul S. Baldwin is a self taught artist working on plein air, gouache, and other mediums who enjoys natural scenes and landscapes as his subject matter.

Beth Cohen is a whimsical artist focused on communicating spiritually encouraging concepts.

Jen Lazaro, a native Californian, likes to create things that evoke a sense of calm and beauty.

Anna Chiappetta is a creative, fun loving artist aiming to help you ponder and appreciate life through recurring art themes such as portraits, hyper-colored skin tones, vibrant and strange doodle worlds, as well as having fun with eyeballs.

Luke Chiappetta makes art blending the latest AI technology with time-forgotten art software, birthing new creations for the crypto-space, where each work attempts to illustrate the words of Ralph Emerson for the crypto-space: "Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain."

Denise Chiappetta is a seasoned writer and editor who recently started playing the lyre.

ArtVndngMchn artists represent pioneering artistic achievement; multidisciplinary fine art NFTs by 15 international artists are issued in lots as unopened, wrapped packs where art collectors can capture a sense of surprise and discovery with their unopened art packs--opening them right away--or savoring the suspense for the future.



Rare Digital Bird Artist Series

Crypto Campfire

Bringing Fun to Fine Art

Experience a crypto-powered virtual art vending machine which dispenses bundles of rare digital art wrapped in sealed digital packs. This transforms fine art collecting into a series of fun game mechanics with artwork ownership registered on the blockchain. Rare digital art is a form of a non-fungible token (NFT), whereby online artworks can be traded using a blockchain-registered token uniquely tied to a specific artwork.

In this new paradigm of fine and fun arts, the art collectors become gamers, while gamers become art collectors who display their fine art findings in the form of modern-day masterpieces in online art galleries... or trade their art on the open market. Using this new distribution model, curation comes in packs full of new art discoveries.

Crafted For Fine Art Collectors

  • Offers fine art collectors an instantly diverse collection of unique artworks available in lots as original NFT packs.
  • Delivers digital fine art to the masses in an affordable, fun, fast, and secure manner.
  • Turns art collectors into instant art dealers, since some will choose to buy packs, keep them unopened, and resell them.
  • Offers exposure to well-known fine artists, mid-career, and emerging artists.
  • To purchase these fine art packs, collectors pay a standard amount of WAX, which runs on the most user-friendly and most-used blockchain with 0 transaction fees.

Art on the Perfect Blockchain for Art

ArtVndngMchn runs on WAX, the ultra fast cryptocurrency network featuring free transactions, free account creation, ease of use, and a massive internationally engaged community. AtomicHub, the world's biggest NFT market, has been selected as the go-to destination to buy and sell ArtVndngMchn packs as well as individual NFTs on their booming resale market.

Wrapped Fine Art

With each purchase from the ArtVndngMchn, collectors receive an unopened pack full of different NFT artworks. Instantly become a fine art collector just by buying ArtVndngMchn packs. Each pack contains a diverse collection of international artists curated to be part of this fine art history-making experience. When a collector receives an unopened pack through the ArtVndngMchn, the collector can choose to open the pack immediately, saving the NFTs into their own collection, or resell the unopened pack on the built-in secondary market.

Gamified Fine Art

  • With every ArtVndngMchn pack purchase, the collector has a random chance of getting varying degrees of NFT rarity levels, as well as exposure to OG cryptoartists and emerging artists.
  • It's a pioneering NFT fine art project where art can be owned, yet the owner can choose to never open their fine art pack to see what they own, so there is the mystery of not knowing what is in their packs. This makes the rest of the NFTs on the resale market in shorter supply.

Everyone participating in ArtVndngMchn experiences fresh fine art while making art history as part of the first NFT gamified fine art distribution project where the artwork can remain unseen yet owned (in unopened packs), or seen, admired, and available for further trade through the Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX).
ArtVndngMchn fine art NFT pack project led by Joe Chiappetta
Make fine art history in a fun and futuristic way... through ArtVndngMchn!