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Mega Debt-Busters: A Christian Guide to Financial Freedom

Get out of debt using Christian principles. See what the Bible says about debt in this practical how-to-get-out-of-debt guide.
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Mega Debt-Busters book by Joe Chiappetta can help you get out of debt by the application of powerful spiritual truths. It will prepare your mind and your wallet for useful financial action that honors God.

Learn how to approach God and money as defined by Jesus, the author of life. See what the Bible says about debt in this Christian how-to guide by award winning author, Joe Chiappetta. It is a powerful and practical how to get out of debt guide. 

If you are in financial debt or just want help managing money from a spiritual perspective, this is for you. Tackle hidden greed, inefficiency, and even unidentified laziness in your life that will lead you to a balanced budget and a greater faith.

Whether it be known as "respectable" debt such as a home mortgage and student loans, or not-so-respectable debt such as maxed-out credit cards or overdue bills, you do not have to be a slave to our materialistic world or consumed with worry over the future of money. Say "no" to the false god of money. There is a way to be generous and live for God while still being responsible with the wealth he wants us to use for the advancement of his kingdom.

With God, patience, faith and discipline, you can bust out from under the shackles of your creditors and become debt-free. Mega Debt-Busters contains all the godly budgeting advice and financial tips from the original Debt-Busters edition plus 3 times more new material updated to overcome today's financial challenges.

Chapter titles from Mega Debt-Busters book:

  • Time and Chance and Wealth
  • The False god of Money
  • Money Gathered Little by Little
  • Greed in the Bible
  • Greed Is One Click Away
  • The Pride of Money
  • Debt in the Bible
  • Seven Action Steps to Debt Freedom
  • Lazy Enough
  • The-LORD-Is-With-You Factor
  • The Future of Money
  • Convicted by the Widow's Offering
Order book from Amazon now.