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Star Chosen Book Review by Anna Chiappetta

My youngest daughter (currently a pre-teen) wrote a brief review of Star Chosen, my epic sci-fi novel for all ages.
Star Chosen science fiction novel book by Joe Chiappetta


Review by Anna Chiappetta

From the first sentence, the Star Chosen sci-fi novel hooks you in and won't let you out until your light years into space. The book is accessible for all readers: adults, teens, and even kids. There are so many parts in this book that make you never want to let go of it. Every character  has a unique personality; some characters like Darla, a powerful CEO, are mysterious and some like Archilli are just plain tough.

Star Chosen will make you want to jump into the future. One thing I really love about the story is that it blends so many genres together: science fiction, of course, plus action, adventure, suspense, mystery, Christianity, and even a little bit of romance. I was intrigued in the beginning when a woman leaves her home with her baby on her husband's stolen space ship in the middle of the night. I really wanted to skip ahead to find out what happened to these characters.

Also on the suspense side, the novel stretches out the scene were Geo (a mysterious space thug) falls out of his fancy convertible space ship and Archilli tries to catch him while freefalling. It was cool the way the action played out: it really felt like you were falling with them, complete with strange alien purple trees coming from below.

I know it sounds kind of weird and it has a bit of a nerdy twist to it but that is what makes it cool. This tale has so many twists and turns, you can't wait until the next page. Star Chosen is an unpredictable novel. You can never guess what is going to happen in this futuristic fun ride.

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