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Bitcoin for Silly Daddy - A Journey into Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin for Silly Daddy - comic by Joe Chiappetta

How many years are we away from a scenario where paper money is frowned upon and even rejected?

Of course no person in their right mind would be so ungrateful (or foolish) as to turn down any form of currency as a gift. But there could come a time when early adopters of cryptocurrency actually prefer to receive money exclusively in bitcoin or other alternative digital currencies. What is Bitcoin? It's a new kind of encrypted digital currency that is already being used on a global scale. The future is here now. And it is not just limited to Bitcoin. There are many other rising digital assets that operate like coins, tokens, and currencies on a new and digital level. For example, Ethereum is another of these rising new cryptocurrencies to watch.

The Tribe of Crypto-Enthusiasts

Cryptocurrency users are usually highly proactive about how to help newcomers cross over to wider digital currency usage. More and more, cryptocurrency users will teach others how to understand and use these new assets. It's been going on for many years already. This is a rapidly expanding and real movement: the Bitcoin Movement, the Cryptocurrency Movement, the Digital Asset Explosion. The names may vary, but the results are world-changing, largely because avid users of these cryptocurrencies operate not unlike a tribe. These groupings of people with shared values are collectively bringing our culture to parts unknown.

While much excitement is associated with all of these digital innovations, no form of money or asset should ever be a cause to live for. People must live for things eternal, and helping others along the way. Nevertheless, every movement needs at least a few good cartoons. Here I offer a Cryptocurrency Movement cartoon from the Silly Daddy Comics Universe. You might even call this a cryptocomic.

As a cartoonist, I am looking with a keen eye to see the mediums in which cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum can advance and prosper for all parties involved, because creators and entrepreneurs can benefit from certain paradigm shifts. I remember when webcomics were a new concept in the beginning of the Internet. Early adopters were trying to figure out an easy way to send micropayments to creators. That never really got off the ground... until recently. Indeed, cryptocurrency and comics make a great combo for an online tipping platform. It will be fun to see what the future holds and watch as more people get on board the crypto-ship.

Calculated Risk

Before jumping in on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, there's a lot more information that a person must weigh out. Most investments (including buying things like Bitcoin) are really calculated risks. It's not much different than gambling, which is mostly about odds, chances, and even gut level feelings. But a calculated risk--an investment--in any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum is best done after a person reviews enough information to make an educated decision. Each person needs to determine if their level of risk is acceptable. The main difference between a gamble and a calculated risk is that with the latter, there are more concrete facts to absorb and assess first. Gratefully, there now exists a wealth of tools and analysis, both pro and con, available about cryptocurrencies so that educated decisions can be made. In the end, each person makes their own choice.

In the case of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a number of other alt-coins, people who hold these assets right now do get a real value for it. This isn't a case of "maybe this will be worth something some day." These digital assets are worth something right now. In the case of Bitcoin, a holder of the cryptocurrency can even use it to buy all sorts of things instantly at this very moment online.

Peeking into the Crypto-Future

As for the future, only God knows what will really take root, whether it be Bitcoin, Ethereum, the US Dollar, or even some other cryptocurrency. Perhaps one day, I may even launch ComicCoin, or SillyDaddy Dollars as digital assets. Yet for now, based on all the information I have absorbed, I believe Bitcoin, Ethereum, as well as the US Dollar have a place in all of our futures. Despite controversy surrounding each of these currencies, they each have a lot of support and a lot of motivated people/organizations fighting diligently for each currency's perpetual establishment and expansion.

Therefore, unforeseen apocalyptic events aside, I imagine that there will be a significant place for cryptocurrency and the US Dollar in the years to come.