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Dig That Talented Music Snob

Dig That Talented Music Snob - Silly Daddy webcomic by Joe Chiappetta

"I only like Jazz when WE sing it," said the talented music snob.

Musical note: I'm not making fun of anybody here. There is some truth to the concept that people tend to enjoy songs more when they can sing them. At least that's my symphony for the day.

Digital drawing by Joe Chiappetta 2010 on HP iPAQ Pocket PC running
Microsoft Windows Mobile. Animated in GIMP program on desktop

Pride of the Dance

Pride of the Dance - Silly Daddy animation by Chiappetta

A couple is dancing when the man says, "That is what I call some great dancing."

The woman replies in a cute and humble voice, "Thanks."

The man clarifies, "I was actually talking about my moves."

Animation in Flash on computer by Joe Chiappetta 2009. The images in this animated piece are actually acrylic paintings I did in college decades ago at a bar called "The Jungle" in DeKalb while I was a student at Northern Illinois University.

Why Say Cheese?

Silly Daddy, why say cheese? - animation by Chiappetta
Computer animation by Joe Chiappetta 2009 in GIMP, Adobe Illustrator and Flash programs.

Posing for a Chiappetta family portrait, the baby thinks to her self, "Say cheese?" Why? Are you going to give me some?"

Silly Daddy Pride and Prejudice

Silly Daddy Pride and Prejudice comic by Joe Chiappetta
Jane Austen would not approve of this comic.

"I got ripped off. I thought the movie 'Pride and Prejudice' was a double feature," says the man leaving the theater.

I really shouldn't rip on this movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it, twice with my daughter Maria. However I did wish there was some sort of gun battle that took place at some point between the melodrama. Is that wrong?

Digital drawing on Samsung Ql Ultra Mobile Tablet PC in Microsoft Paint by Joe Chiappetta 2007. Animated in GIMP program.

Sily Daddy Likeness

Silly Daddy animation - Likeness by Joe Chiappetta

Here is some animated river baby action. A toddler says to a little girl that looks very similar to herself, "I am big sister. You are little sister."

The mother replies, "That's just your reflection," as she and her daughter sit pleasantly looking out into the river from the sandy shore.

This cartoon features my wife and youngest daughter. I drew this from life along the Des Plaines River in Riverside, Illinois at a nice spot where the family likes to pick seashells along the shore.

I thank God for my family and where God has planted us along a river by a stream bearing fruit.

Landscape drawing with mother and daughter is an ink pen and watercolor painting on 11" x 8.5" paper by Joe Chiappetta 2007. The painting was then animated with word balloons and other filter tricks added in GIMP program.

Silly Daddy - Catch the Fever

Silly Daddy Comics - Catch the Fever
"You'd better step closer Dad. Other than the flu, you haven't had much practice catching anything."

The original sketches for this crude animation were done in 2004 when my brother Nino and his family came in for a nice visit. Then the idea for the dialog came from the fact that our whole household has been sick with various colds, coughs and other ailments this winter.

Digital drawing on HP Ipaq Pocket PC, edited in Adobe Illustrator and animated by Joe Chiappetta 2007

Silly Daddy Fresh Air

Silly Daddy Fresh Air, animation by Joe Chiappetta

Just when you thought you couldn't be ripped off any further, a new product has blown into the consumer market. And it's truly breathtaking.

Fresh Air... Now available in bottles!

Move over bottled water. Now there's a whole new industry of free stuff that you will now be paying for.

Card carrying environmentalists who voted for Al Gore get half off!

Acrylic painting on 18" x 24" paper by Joe Chiappetta 2007. Edited in GIMP program and animated.

Silly Daddy Sweet 16 Remix

Silly Daddy Family Timer animation by Joe ChiappettaI am rerunning this news from a few months ago because the artwork to go along with it has been remixed into new mini-animation. Plus it was actually this season (Autumn) 16 years ago that I started drawing Silly Daddy.

Press Release: The eclectic comic series, "Silly Daddy" turns sixteen years old this year.

Loosely centered around family and pop culture, Joe Chiappetta finds it easier than most cartoonists to track the age of his Xeric award winning comic. The partly profound and partly silly comic was started in 1991 as an autobiographical series in the same year that his first daughter was born. Whenever Silly Daddy wants to know how old his comic is, he just asks his daughter, "Hey, Maria, how old are you?"

Called "crude, but amazing" by Dave Sim, Silly Daddy comics have gone through a variety of formats in their sixteen years, from mini-comics to comic books to graphic novels and into its current format, webcomics. Since 2004, these webcomics have been posted at, currently with a new comic daily to celebrate the sweet sixteen milestone. Happily married with three children and a lifelong resident of the Chicago suburbs, Joe may be almost forty years old himself, but his comic is only a teenager.

The animated cartoon in this post is titled "Silly Daddy - Family Timer." In the drawing all five of us are holding still to pose for a photo, when I say, "Smile for the camera. Hey, where did it go?" Luke is pointing to the baby, who apparently grabbed the camera without anyone noticing. And of course the camera timer goes off in her hand, taking a fascinating photo of the ceiling.

The comic was started with colored ink pens on 8.5" x 11" paper and edited in Adobe Illustrator, by Joe Chiappetta, 2007. Then it was turned into animation.

Animated Silly Daddy Comic Splash

WATCH MY MOVIE... Fun animation for the whole family. Silly Daddy, the long running indie "Family Circus" comic series is now a silly cartoon, at least for 26 seconds.

The most remarkable thing about this musical adventure video is not the cutting-edge animation. Rather it is the fact that the dialog from this cartoon actually happened between me and my son Luke a few years back when he was three. However, the indoor cannonball maneuver is fiction.Animated Silly Daddy Comic Splash, by Joe Chiappetta

This is animation from the other family guy, the less offensive one. The cartoon "Comic Splash" could be considered the very first complete Silly Daddy animation because I started it in 2004 but didn't add the audio until this year. Why the three year gap in between completion? I was at first concerned that Disney, Pixar and Big Idea might copy my state-of-the-art animator techniques, but now I just don't care.

One day my little son was running around in circles with more energy than usual (which is a lot). He was even jumping on furniture, so I asked him, "Who wound you up?"

He replied, "Uh, Jesus!" with a big smile and kept on running.

That conversation actually happened, as i mentioned earlier. However, the rest of the cartoon I elaborated because I had a fun sketch of Luke sitting on an extra-tall fancy chair at the Nordstrom store in Chicago. I though it would be neat to have him jump off the chair as a stunt and into a pool of water, so that's what I animated.

This entire short movie was done in the Chiappetta studio by myself and my team of child laborers working for under minimum wage. I asked my daughter Maria if she could use the internet piano to make some background music, but she said she had learned something better in high school singing class. So she sang the background music and did an incredible job. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this cartoon.

I was going for an old-school, homegrown B-Movie effect with the animation style. Watch this funny cartoon of a kid doing a cannonball maneuver.

Animation by Joe Chiappetta. Voices by Joe and Luke Chiappetta. Music by Maria Chiappetta

Directed by Joe Chiappetta, 2007 in Macromedia Flash 4. Thanks to Mike Rende, another silly daddy for giving me that software for free.