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Random Rare Digital Art Generator

Random Crypto-Art Generators have arrived--and the art world will never be the same!

Have you ever imagined that an artist could take their existing artwork, as well as new pieces, and use a machine to randomly combine different elements of their various images to create something brand new? It's like making deeply layered collages--yet effortlessly and unexpectedly. Indeed, now such things are infinitely possible with the click of a button... and some cryptocurrency. This all happens at, which is a generative art site and marketplace where unpredictable and endless creations come to life. 
The Cryptographics website states the concept quite nicely. A cryptographic is...
"... a graphic created by you, with a little help from provably secure randomness. It uses assets uploaded by artists to create this one-of-a-kind piece that you can store and trade. Try creating another one and save your favorite on the blockchain." 
In other words, the final rare digital art images you see here were NOT directly made by me creating a composition line-by-line while carefully placing the colors and art detail precisely where I wanted everything. Not at all. In fact, all the images created at Cryptographics are generated from individual art elements that each artist adds to their collection of art-making assets. Then by pressing a button called "Compose," anyone can take that pack of art assets and generate a new piece of art with those art elements.
Let's say you don't like how that particular composition turned out? No problem. Just hit the "Recompose" button and another random recombination of the art elements will be generated. When you like what you see, you can use Ethereum to buy that piece of rare digital art. That particular piece becomes incredibly rare; it's an edition of only one. Now you become the owner of that unique art composition--also known as a crypto-collectible--and you can turn around and offer that art for sale on the built-in marketplace.

As if these features were not cool enough--there's more. Anyone can take different artists from this site and combine their work to create (or "Compose") a hybrid of their art. Users can do this as well as sell the new artwork that is created from it, and the original artists get a good percentage of these hybrid creations. If you like art surprises, remixing art elements, then you will be blown away by Cryptographics.
My first art asset collection (or asset pack) on Cryptographics is called "Comic Jam." That's because I often draw in a cartoon style, enjoy comic themed art, and will randomly jam these images together so all people can create something truly unique. For this platform, I drew 49 new drawings, created with the specific intention of them being combined in random ways. The results are exciting, unpredictable, and certainly ground breaking for the art world. I would even venture to add that the site is one of the best tools for visual artists that I have ever used.
Joe Chiappetta