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Not a CryptoPunk

Kinder and gentler punks... through the power of cryptocurrency!

I drew this comic as a spoof of CryptoPunks by Larva Labs. If you don't know what that project is, it's one of the earliest theme-based collections of rare digital art. My art as well as the original CryptoPunks project is a kind of crypto-art that falls under the category of crypto-collectibles.

The cartoon rendition that I drew in ink on paper and then colored on the computer was fun to make. In fact, I try to have a lot of amusement when making my comics. This artwork features one punky pixelated character declaring his preference to be called by a slightly more sophisticated name. "Ruffian," for those not from the 1800s, is the old-old-school word for "punk." Yes, you've just been educated.

Using blockchain technology, you can purchase and trade this fun crypto-comic as a limited edition piece of rare digital art. I issued this art in an edition of only 200 copies on the CrystalsCraft collection in Book of Orbs. You can find the color version at and buy it using cryptocurrency!

My original black and white art was drawn while actually sketching a framed digital image of a CryptoPunk (by Larva Labs) that was being auctioned off at a live event in New York City where I was exhibiting. Using my favorite ink brush, my CryptoPunks tribute drawing also has only one spot--or should I say one square--of color to represent a pixelated earring. That's because I also happened to have an orange marker in my backpack.

Making this and participating in the event was a fun and creative time for me, and hopefully all others present. I recall growing up that in the comic books I read, New York City was affectionately called "Fun City," by Spider-Man, I believe. And for me, that is what New York became when I visited there at Ethereal Summit this summer: a fun city.

Joe Chiappetta