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Opportunities for Artists on the Blockchain - Interview

In the fall of 2018 I was interviewed by CoinStructive LAB Radio host Aaron Mangal. We discussed the creation of rare digital art on the Blockchain as well as the myriad of platforms out there for artists. I had a blast in this interview. In fact, we talked for a half hour before the interview, about an hour during the interview, and about 45 minutes after the interview. Clearly, it was an invigorating conversation. This week, that interview went live at CoinStructive:
This art-infused conversation was recorded last month and just aired this week. I really drive deep into Silly Daddy Comics, the zine and publishing scene, collectibles, and why Steemit and similar sites can be good as new platforms for creative people. To commemorate the occasion I drew my interviewer, Aaron, holding my own artistic renditions crypto-related mascots.
Have a listen to this podcast. You'll learn about what makes something rare, valuable or collectible, opportunities to transition into digital collectibles, and the story behind my own rare digital artwork. You'll also hear how cryptocurrency opens new opportunities for artists and collectors and learn about exciting new applications and platforms in the cryptocurrency art realm!

To read more about crypto-art and rare digital art, also see my article for beginners called Rise of Crypto-Art: 3 Opportunities for Artists.