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Silly Daddy Comics on Patreon

My family-friendly comics are now being posted on my Patreon site.

Become one of my patrons to get access to Silly Daddy Comics on Patreon. Please support me and become part of the family.

Why Support Silly Daddy Comics?

I am Joe Chiappetta, father of three and best known for my work on the award-winning Silly Daddy Comics series. As one of the pioneers of the independent comics publishing movement that started back in the 1980s, myself and just a handful of others brought autobiographical comics to mainstream popularity many decades ago. Comics fans may not remember this, but there was a time when making comics about real life was almost unheard of in a market dominated by superheroes. Yet comics historians note that Silly Daddy remains the longest-running autobiographical comic about family in the known universe!

For most of the half-century that I've been alive, I have been moving the hearts of people through comics and drawings. I am inviting you to become a patron of my work. Your support will allow more of my innovative, family-friendly brand of storytelling to come to life.
You give to Silly Daddy; you get Silly Daddy Comics! When you become my patron, I will make more comics and art for you to enjoy. In fact, you get exclusive access to my work; this is stuff not available to the public. We're talking about new comics, sketches, drawings, as well as unpublished art and comics from my three decades as a cartoonist.

Cartooning is a passion. It's fun, exciting, and a little bit of a crazy way to communicate. As my dear patron, you will help to make this happen more. In fact, you will become part of the family--The Silly Daddy Family--and empower me to post comics and drawings on my Patreon site! I am a very prolific artist. You get behind this thing, and you will see all kinds of cool art coming out of me. Get ready to be moved throughout each week.

Now, you might be wondering: if this guy has been doing comics for so long, why does he need patrons to help him fund his cartooning effort. It is a valid question. At a peak in my comics career, after winning a bunch of awards for Silly Daddy, frankly, I withdrew from the marketing side of comics to follow a calling that involved helping the poor and people with disabilities as a full time career. During this period, I still made comics, but most were not widely distributed. However, I am now at a point in my career where I have figured out how to still serve the poor, and also create and publish comics at a very active level. During that long sabbatical from promoting comics, all the while, I still kept creating comics, some of which were posted briefly on the Internet, yet unseen by the public at large. As my patron, you will get an exclusive first look at new and unpublished material--months before it ends up in my next Silly Daddy comic book.

Silly Daddy 25th Anniversary

As we approach the 25th anniversary of Silly Daddy Comics (in late 2017), your continued support will nurture an ever-increasing flow to my cartoonist productivity. This, in turn, will initiate more inspiring cartoons for inclusion into new Silly Daddy comic books. I have some big plans for the Silly Daddy 25th anniversary, so you definitely want to join team Silly Daddy now.

Thank you for playing your part in making my creative visions come alive in comic strips!