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Rescuing Supermom: A Collection of Essays, Poetry and Comics to Enrich a Mother's Soul

Rescuing Supermom book cover
Women of all ages are enjoying Denise Chiappetta's collection of essays, poetry, and comics to enrich a mother's soul.
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Erma Bombeck meets Mary Magdalene and the result might just be Denise Chiappetta. With animated personality, Denise shifts from the hyper-real challenges of 21st Century Americana to side-splitting humor in a matter of seconds.
Topics include a family trip to the woods to build a fort in the rain, jogging as tension relief, admiration of a new garbage can, Craigslist encounters, housewife melodrama, the joys of parenting, ice cream fever, televised parade commentary, awkward prom moments, death by cupcakes, disability rights, lost loved ones, life-changing mentoring relationships, the Garden of Eden, and God almighty.
With razor-sharp wit, motherhood, sisterhood, womanhood and wife-hood come under the crosshairs of an author who strives to be her best for God and family. It's chick lit with true grit! Containing 19,000 words, the book is seasoned with 24 Silly Daddy comics and illustrations by Denise's husband Joe Chiappetta.
Here is a glimpse at the Table of Contents

Part 1: Wife
Opposites Attract: Even in a Lightning Storm
3 Miles to Closure
Woman Talks Trash
Little Jerky
Craigslist and My Self Esteem

Part 2: Motherhood
As Fast as Your Legs Can Go
We All Scream for Ice Cream
City Sleep
Motherhood at 3 AM
Sweet Babe
Everybody Loves Some Great Big Balloons!
Death by Cupcake
Get On the Bus

Part 3: God
Matching Up Pieces of My Heart
Falling for You: Portrait of Marriage after the Fall
Even When...
Cool of the Day (A two-person screenplay in one-act)
Are You My Mentor?
Boboli Fish
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