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Genesis Jam: An Anthology Inspired by the Ultimate Creator

Genesis Jam book cover illustration by Joe Chiappetta
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Creative writers and artists striving to love God with all their heart embrace the powerful themes of Genesis: good and evil, brotherhood, family, trust in God, mercy, and love. God's creation, the Garden of Eden, Adam, Eve, and their sons, Cain and Abel are the subjects of this faithful anthology. Works of fiction inspired by events in Genesis as well as nonfiction poetry and essays about the first family are covered. This thought-provoking Christian book has a universal appeal for believers as well as those curious about the origins of mankind. Explore the earliest history of our human race with a fresh yet faithful look into the intrigue of our past.
The book features two biblical science fiction stories: "Star Chosen and the Discovery of Eden" by Joe Chiappetta, and "The Plan" by Dave Kreydich. Also featured are three biblical historical fiction stories: "I Create You" by Henry Carlie III, "Rushing Winds of Darkness" by Sabrina Kramer, and "The First Sacrifice" by Daanyel George. A number of faith-building poems are included: "The Pursuit of Love" by Devin Jones, "Fallen" by Ruth Etrenne, "Meditations of Eve" by Denise Chiappetta, and "I AM" by Amana Droblas.
Many soul-stirring biblical essays and articles are also included: "First Lady of Eden" by Denise Chiappetta, "Inquiring about the Garden of Eden" by Joe Chiappetta, "Clouds" by Luke Chiappetta, "Reflection on Light" by Ginger Droblas, "Giving Like Cain or Abel" by Tra Wooden, and "The Beginning" by Paul Lonzo. Comics by Joe Chiappetta are included, plus illustrations by Jillian Moyet, Victor and Amana Droblas as well as Luke and Anna Chiappetta. Contains 15,000 words plus illustrations.
Order Genesis Jam eBook on Amazon.