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Crucified Comics: A Spiritual Commentary for Personal Accountability - eBook

Crucified Comics cover by Joe Chiappetta
An eBook to encourage and evangelize this generation, Crucified Comics is a Christian commentary for personal accountability.
by Joe Chiappetta
Go beyond a cartoon view of the cross with comics and spiritual commentary aimed to inspire personal accountability for what happened to Jesus at the crucifixion. If you sense that this Christian book preaches, you're right. Buckle up for a faithful devotional.

Those curious about seeking God as well as long-time church members will find much to deepen their beliefs about having a daily walk with the Lord. Learn to be grateful with powerful images of how Almighty God gave his one and only Son for you. This mix of comic book and text narrative has plenty of practical lessons for your quiet times with God as well as memorable and original images of Christianity today. Contains 10,000 words plus 67 comics and illustrations to point you to the light of discipleship in Christ.

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