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The Back Pain Avenger: Available in Paperback or eBook

2012 Illinois Arts Council Award Winner

The Back Pain Avenger book cover
The Back Pain Avenger:
Heal Chronic Back Pain and Destroy it Forever
168 page paperback
By Joe Chiappetta

The Back Pain Avenger is a non-medicated memoir of rehabilitation. This alternative back pain relief book comes with comics, not endless chiropractor bills.
Discover how one eccentric leader in the disability community finally overcomes his own back injury and no longer suffers from chronic back pain. Find out if the unorthodox methods he uses in healing back pain will work for you. This hard to believe, funny, yet true story is written and illustrated by award winning author Joe Chiappetta.

Disability advocates, people with disabilities, their family members, as well as healthcare professionals and businesses that employ people with disabilities will be aching with laughs, insight, and the awareness that brings healing in this lighthearted yet powerful journey. Alternative medicine meets cartoon humor and the Bible. The book also includes Disability in Comics: a chronological index of major characters with disabilities featured in the history of comic books and strips.

Features over 175 Silly Daddy comics and illustrations. Bonus features include stories by Denise and Maria Chiappetta as well as Jillian Moyet.

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