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Silly Daddy Live Action Video: Downsizing to the Family Fort

Silly Daddy family time gets back to nature as the Chiappettas have fun and laughs in the woods. This is a real life, live action enactment of the cartoon series: Silly Daddy comics. I also drew a comic strip about this family fort adventure.

While on a family walk in woods, I said to my youngest daughter, "Pretty soon, Anna, you'll be too big for me to carry you."

My oldest daughter, Maria, asked, "What are we even doing out here?"

As we approached a crude little hut made out of sticks, I replied, "Your brother and I built a fort in the woods. We're downsizing."

Anna yelled out in objection, "We can't downsize!"

My wife asked, "Why not?"

Anna replied, "I'm still getting growing."

The video closes out to a song that my daughter sang beautifully. I wrote new lyrics to the tune of "Summertime." Thanks to Anthony Paparo for camera work, and Joel Klemmer on video editing. If you think this video is cool, you should see the fort.

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