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Silly Daddy in Space eBook

Silly Daddy in Space eBook comic book by Joe Chiappetta
Putting the Hyper back in hyperspace! Taking a lighthearted yet insightful view of the future, Xeric Award winning cartoonist Joe Chiappetta pokes fun at science fiction, robots, aliens, futuristic gadgets, and unknown events to come. In typical Silly Daddy style, this comic book is filtered through the endearing eyes of Chiappetta's children as well as his own experience as a sci-fi loving husband and father of three.

Ideal for geek dads, geek moms, and anyone looking for good, clean, deep space laughs. It's sci-fi satire safe for all ages and androids too! Inside jokes and parodies abound for fans of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Star Trek. The colorful cast of offworld characters includes Office Space Girl, Christian Robot, funny and weird aliens, plus the whole family.

This eBook comic book is loaded with 72 comics and illustrations plus 12,000 word cartoonist commentary--all either funny, profound, or profoundly funny. Also includes comics colored by Denise Chiappetta as well as a bonus spaceship story by Joe and Luke Chiappetta.

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Note: Please don't confuse the above sci-fi themed comic book with the all-text science fiction novel (Star Chosen) that I released earlier in 2010. They are two totally different books. But if you like one, you will like the other.