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Catalog of Available Comics, Books and eBooks Published by Joe Chiappetta

Since the late 1980s, Joe Chiappetta has been publishing comic books, zines, and slice-of-life stories from the heart. Moving into eBooks, graphic novels, and even science fiction, Chiappetta's Silly Daddy and other books are always off the beaten path, never predictable, yet speaking deep truths. Along with his wife Denise, the unifying theme behind the Chiappetta's body of work revolves around a vital concept often lost to this generation: forging the faithful family.

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Joe Chiappetta Biography

Joe Chiappetta is a trainer, author, as well as a cartooning pioneer in the field of autobiographical comics, receiving a 2012 Illinois Arts Council Award for The Back Pain Avenger, as well as a 1998 Xeric Award for the Silly Daddy graphic novel. A number of his books cover issues of family and faith.

Joe has been a trainer to businesses and non-profits on disability-employment topics throughout the Chicago area. In this field since 2001, he helps businesses find qualified workers with disabilities. Under Mayor Daley, Joe was a workgroup leader serving on Chicago's Mayoral Task Force on the Employment of People with Disabilities, and is one of the founders of the Workforce Developer Network, which is a Chicago coalition of agencies who work together to find more jobs for people with disabilities.

Joe holds two "longest-running" titles: one for publishing the longest-running autobiographical comic about a father (Silly Daddy, since 1992), and one for managing the longest-running network of job developers serving people with disabilities in the Midwest (since 2002).

With his wife, Joe currently leads the North Region of the Chicago International Christian Church. Joe also serves as the Chicago Director for MERCYworldwide.

Denise Chiappetta Biography

Denise Chiappetta enjoys homeschooling her children and writing training curricula around parenting as well as disability issues. As co-founder of Writer's Fellowship Chicago, she mentors women on being great writers and faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

In addition to her own writings, including her book Rescuing Supermom, she is also editor on a number of her husband's books. This includes the Xeric Award-winning comic series, Silly Daddy, as well as The Back Pain Avenger, an Illinois Arts Council Award winner. She also served as editor on the science fiction novel, Star Chosen.