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Preposterous pixEOS Headgear

Do all your deep pondering with the protective, yet preposterous pixEOS Headgear. Deliver yourself from boredom by wearing this happy head garment. It is certified by a team of decentralized semi-fungible and semi-anonymous crypto art technicians. Patterned after the most stylish wrestling headgear, this item is sure to turn heads throughout the entire art market. Once fitted with this fashionable helmet, bright and artsy ideas will effortlessly pop out from your blockchain brain with no end in sight!

This animation will soon be available only on the Grand pixEOS Art Gallery. As limited-edition art, this whimsical piece will be among the first rare digital art items to be released on the EOS blockchain.

What Is Rare Digital Art?

  • Art issued electronically in a limited-edition through blockchain technology.
  • Art linked to a cryptographic token whose entire history can be tracked. This history takes the form of metadata on a blockchain and can record date of creation as well as buyer/seller and price data.
  • Also known by the following terms: crypto-collectible, crypto-art, non-fungible token (NFT), semi-fungible token, crypto goods, digital goods, and digital assets.
  • Creative collectible digital items that can be sold from artist to collector, and then from collector to collector, where ownership is verifiable via the blockchain.
  • Art dependent on the Internet, electronic devices, and blockchain technology to be seen and traded.

If the above animated rare digital art looks somewhat familiar, you have a good memory. This new version with the green background is a revised variation of a comic that I issued previously in the Book of Orbs marketplace... however that original comic (with a white background) is not animated. While the comic version with the thought balloon brings the humor, the new animated version has its own set of fun surprises too.
Compare all the differences for yourself, let me know which version you like best, and even consider collecting them both.

Joe Chiappetta