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Silly Daddy Zine #1

Silly Daddy Zine 1 book cover by Joe Chiappetta

My newest book is out now on MakersPlace!

Available exclusively to owners of this rare digital art, only those who purchase Silly Daddy Zine #1 will gain access to this 50 page book as an unlockable, high resolution PDF download. It has been released as a limited edition of only 10 rare digital books. Through blockchain technology, this means only 10 book art collectors can ever own it at the same time.

I have been in the publishing industry since the mid 1980s and have won awards in cartooning as well as writing, yet this book represents a unique career milestone. Silly Daddy Zine #1 is my 13th book, yet the very first one I have issued on the blockchain. It is 50 full-color pages long, plus a painted cover and back cover. The entire book took over 1 year to create. Think of this museum-worthy volume as part comics, part home-grown magazine, part fine art exhibit, part short story collection, and part experimental coolness. Every page is either a brand new work of fine art or a never before published short story.

This very rare book is entirely a product of California. I started drawing, painting, and writing it using an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil while living in Pasadena, CA. Yet I finished the art book after we moved to Riverside, California, and released it through MakersPlace: a very user-friendly rare digital art market headquartered in San Francisco.

Those who have been following my work a long time know that zines, rare book publishing, and art/writing experimentation are my roots. This new digital book contains an eclectic blend of those elements, and it reads like a lively trip to an unpredictable art happening. The pages of Silly Daddy Zine #1 are new, previously unpublished digital artworks that could stand on their own hanging from a gallery wall, yet are loaded into a book full of concentrated art rarity.

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FAQs for Silly Daddy Zine #1

1. Why can't anyone preview pages of the book before becoming a potential buyer?
  • My preference is that this book/zine be a complete surprise to each person who buys it. I liken it to the early days of the zine scene that I was a part of in the 1980s. It was a time of great creativity and fascination. You'd see one tiny ad or one picture of a zine's cover in a print catalog, read the description, and then order that zine. After a few weeks, the zine would be delivered to you and for the very first time you would find out what was inside. I want to recapture that sense of discovery with Silly Daddy Zine #1. That's why there are no preview pages or review copies that have been sent to anyone.
  • Limiting who can see the book to just those who bought it also increases the book's exclusivity and rarity.
  • My previous artworks and books have been in circulation and easily accessible on the Internet. In fact, literally hundreds of my previous drawings and artworks can be viewed for free online. Therefore anyone can readily gain a clear idea of what I am about as an artist, writer, and creator through the integrity of my previous works.

2. Since the book title is Silly Daddy Zine #1, does this mean this is the start of a series of Silly Daddy Zines?
  • Making a series of unique art zines was the original intent when I started making this book. I really do hope to continue this series.
  • However, after finishing every book I have ever released, I always like to take an extended deep breath and just be grateful that I was given the ability to bring the book to completion.
  • Therefore I will not make any promises, but continuing this series is a very real possibility.
  • Given enough encouragement from collectors of this zine would certainly influence me in a positive way to continue expanding my creativity in the wonderful world of zines.
Zip into the warm and wonderful community zine scene with Silly Daddy Zine #1