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Original Pencil Cover Art from Star Chosen Novel

Black and white original Star Chosen novel cover art by Joe Chiappetta

Pencil drawing on 8.5" x 11" paper by Joe Chiappetta 2010

Order black and white original pencil cover art for Star Chosen novel

Here is the original black and white cover art from my Star Chosen science fiction novel. It took quite a while to draw this action-packed cover. In retrospect, it would have been a lot easier to work on all the fine futuristic cityscape details if I had made the pencil drawing on giant-sized paper. You might notice a few gaping holes in the diving spacecraft. Those holes are not due to manufacturer defect. The ship is under attack, as can be found in this all-ages space opera.

Picturing the likeness of the characters for the cover of this full length novel, I tried to capture the looks of a number of real people familiar and dear to me. The character at the front of the hovercraft is modeled after my dad. The guy on the statue is modeled after Jay Shelbrack. The guy falling out of nowhere is modeled after Greg Biggs. And the statue is... well I can't say, as that will give away an important surprise element of the book.

Notice that the original pencil book title logo is very different than the final version that ended up on the printed book and eBook. You can also compare how different this pencil image looks against the final color book cover by going to the Star Chosen sci-fi novel ordering page for this book.

Or go directly to Amazon to order this epic sci-fi novel that is basically Star Trek meets the Bible meets Silly Daddy!