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Silly Daddy Site Map

Silly Daddy Site Map is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta on MakersPlace
Silly Daddy Site Map by Joe Chiappetta is rare digital art available on MakersPlace.
Almost all of my major (and minor) works of art and writing from this century have been covered on my Silly Daddy website at one time or another. It is a little odd to think about; here I can see what my main interests have been, because we create what we care about. Topics of parenting, sci-fi, faith, crypto-art, comics, surrealism, and family are all there. Much of I have done creatively is packaged in a virtual electronic world connected by wires, airwaves and computer hardware that I cannot begin to understand.

This experimental animation came about while I was making a navigational site map for that website. It was just a bunch of boring text links on a plain page and I really wanted to spice it up with some surreal digital art. However I also wanted the cartoon illustration to have at least something to do with signs and navigational pointers. That way, the artwork would have relevance to the various themes of my work for the past few decades. So after much trial and error, drawing and redrawing, animating, editing, and revising, I finally created the most atypical site map art--at least that I have ever imagined.

Are you a curious navigator looking to see how my Silly Daddy Site Map art fits in with a bunch of website text links?
Then go to and cruise around what may be the first site map illustration to be put on a blockchain.

Joe Chiappetta