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Silly Daddy Costs Money

Silly Daddy Costs Money is a rare digital art comic on MakersPlace by Joe Chiappetta
Silly Daddy Costs Money is available on MakersPlace as rare digital art.

I love my children. That's what parents do. In the course of that love, money (much money) will be spent on them, providing for their needs and getting them extra gifts. This also is a typical fact of parenting.

Yet since no parent is made entirely of money, we need to be frugal about when to spend money on our kids, and when to get things done without spending money. Such is the context of a recurring conversation that I've had with one of my dear children. We would be talking about what we wanted to do together for quality time. I would suggest free things (like a hike) while she would suggest costly things (like going shopping).

With such a conversation fresh in mind, the following Silly Daddy comic strip came to life. It's the fabric of my personal story. This is my life. Yet for many a parent, it is probably your life too.

Joe Chiappetta