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Portrait of a Creative Blockchain Technologist

Portrait of a Creative Blockchain Technologist is cryptoart by Joe Chiappetta

What began as a big marker sketch on a reused plastic bubble-wrap envelope to mail art, has evolved considerably. After much editing, the sketch has turned into full-on animated rare digital art. This piece depicts Matt Condon, who is an insightful podcaster on Digitally Rare and also a creative blockchain technologist.

A number of personal drawings that I enjoy most started out as unassuming giveaway sketches on envelopes. Perhaps it's because drawing on such items is quick and uninhibited by nature. Since I come from the old-school comics publishing industry (and zine scene before that), adding drawings to envelopes was a pretty standard practice for me in correspondence. Most of these drawings were super quick, and some I really got into. I do not have any of these drawings of course--because I mail them out. Yet a few of these sketches I did have the foresight to capture on camera before sending them off into the world. 

Like most in this digital age, I hardly ever mail items directly anymore. So when I do use shipping services, especially when the contents are art-related inside, it is likely that I will create some nice design on the envelope too. I guess such behavior is coded into my old mail-order-genes.

Therefore now, by the power of God, the Internet and the Ethereum blockchain, this art is available as rare digital art on MakersPlace!

As a side note, while I do call this a crypto art "portrait," I suppose, with all the whimsical elements added on, the drawing is probably more of a caricature... or is it? 

Joe Chiappetta