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Creative Blockchain Technologist at Work

Rare Digital Art by Joe Chiappetta

I drew this cartoon of Matt Condon while we were working together on a collaborative art exhibit at Ethereal New York City back in 2018. It was drawn directly with ink, brush, and paper, live on the spot, without any pencil roughs, in about 30 minutes with no edits or redrawing at all. This occasion was such a fun and inspiring creative time together.

Believe it or not, regarding exactly what Matt was making there, all those little gadgets and trinkets that I drew on the floor apparently served a real technical blockchain art purpose. Yet to this day I still don't precisely know what all that stuff was supposed to do. I was too busy drawing... being careful not to spill my black ink on all the fancy furniture there.

The artwork is also issued as rare digital art on MakersPlace as an edition of only one and it is already sold!

Joe Chiappetta