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Rare Dinner with MakersPlace

Rare MakersPlace Dinner animated by Joe Chiappetta

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I had the honor of sharing a meal with the core team of MakersPlace. They are an incredibly wise team running a very easy to use marketplace for rare digital art; in fact they might be the most user friendly of them all, since art collectors can purchase digital art using a credit card or Ethereum. Plus their minimal gallery design helps collectors focus solely on the art--without any unnecessary bells and whistles.

Throughout this special night, the food, conversation, and company was delicious. The place we ate at is called Zero Zero; I have no idea why it was named as such, but that never seemed to matter. To commemorate the evening, which was also a dinner celebrating the MakersPlace marketplace being 1 year old, I was inspired to draw this group portrait of the team on the spot, and animated the art shortly thereafter. It was certainly a crypto art night to remember.

You can find this artwork in a very limited edition of rare digital art on MakersPlace. Only 5 editions exist on the blockchain. There you can buy it with Ethereum or a credit card.

Joe Chiappetta