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Women in Blockchain in Pixels

I started drawing this art on the pixEOS Paint app, with a concept in mind to depict a respectful view of women in the blockchain space. I continue to have a good deal of artistic gaming fun using pixEOS Paint. If a person took a community graffiti wall, MS Paint, digital real estate, gambling, cryptocurrency, and put them all in an online blender, the result would be pixEOS Paint--no joke.

While I felt that the still image of these women was pretty cool, I chose to experiment further. After adding some very light animation to an already minimalist pixel drawing, I decided to give it an equally simple title. May all the women (and men) in blockchain enjoy this art of pixelated fun.

This art is a limited edition piece of crypto art, and one of my most colorful creations. Only 10 editions exist as rare digital art. It can be purchased using Ethereum on the Portion marketplace.

Joe Chiappetta