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The Amazing Toilet Bowl Brush

The Amazing Toilet Bowl Brush
The Amazing Toilet Bowl Brush by Joe Chiappetta is rare digital art available on MakersPlace.

Here is some art carefully engineered to cleanse you--or at least a key area in your home! The hidden depths of housekeeping are uncovered slowly as we grow up. Perhaps it’s time to speed things up a bit?

While the stunning conversation depicted in this Silly Daddy Comic did actually happen, the people who said this were not the actual people depicted in this slice-of-life cartoon. In fact, it was other close family members who had the pleasure of such an enlightening educational moment.

I chose to insert my son into this comic because he too is going away to college quite soon. Perhaps he will learn something from this comic as well.

If you appreciate this comic strip, you will find hundreds more cartoons like it in my giant-sized comic book, Silly Daddy Forever, on sale in paperback as well as eBook.

Joe Chiappetta