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Father Daughter Treasure Time

Father Daughter Treasure Time by Joe Chiappetta

Father Daughter Treasure Time is rare digital art available on MakersPlace.

Fatherhood and parenting have been recurring themes in my art and comics for 3 decades. It has forever changed me--as it should--for the better. I know I am not alone.

This drawing started as a sketch of a father named Jason Berns. He is happily holding his youngest child in the relative quiet of his backyard. The letter "B" on his shirt is from his company logo for The Berns Team, which is a prominent real estate company in the Los Angeles area. In fact, The Berns Team is one of the most accomplished realtors in LA county, helping families find remarkable homes to treasure. I know this because my wife and I have seen some of these homes, and they are pretty incredible.

Yet as this man holds his precious child, business accomplishments fade to the background--as they should. More important matters are at hand. Fathers being highly accomplished at remarkable parenting... that's where the real treasure is.

Joe Chiappetta