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Beach Perspective

Beach Perspective is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta
Beach Perspective by Joe Chiappetta is available as rare digital art on MakersPlace.

"Beach Perspective" is crypto art that takes the concept of disguise to deep and dizzy levels! Welcome to some very experimental artwork. It is my favorite kind to make. It is art that says, "Go to the beach," in the same breath as it also declares, "Make digital art," while also promoting a powerful message through the reading of comics!

This is what happens when I combine more than a few of my favorite things. Hopefully I gave birth to something wonderful, or at least pretty cool. It is rare digital art with a simple lesson about changing your perspective to change your life. I have written whole books about such topics in the past, and I suppose I am overdue to visualize the concept of perspective change here in this artwork.

As I recall all the times I have grown in my life, one of the main elements that was the trigger to growth was changing my perspective. Once I could see things clearer, or from a more comprehensive perspective, change would almost naturally follow. Similar to how knowing a superhero's secret identity changes your whole perspective about that character, removing the disguises we wear and being real helps us come to grips with the deeper truths of this life, in all their glory and sorrow.

Like the shifting sands, it is with a fleeting yet flashy glory that this art has come together. Drawing on sand, do-it-yourself collage mentality, animation, generative art, fake high-tech gadgets, found objects, superhero secret identities, cryptocurrency logos, inspirational phrases, and comics are all highly favorite topics of mine. Rarely do I employ every one of these themes into one loaded piece of art. Indeed, before now I was not sure if such a thing could (or should) be done. Yet here I have combined them all for my enjoyment--and I hope--yours too.

Speaking of enjoyment, the character drawn on the sand (at Long Beach, California) is very loosely based on the pixEOS logo. Of course, the real pixEOS logo does not have ocean shells for teeth or plastic Easter eggs for eyeballs. Regarding pixEOS, that crypto project has a highly entertaining blockchain game center with something for everyone. My favorite game so far is called pixEOS Paint Arcade. It can be found in pixEOS Game Center. In that retro-style arcade game, you move around colored shapes until they fit just right. I suppose I appreciate the game so much because that's exactly what I do when I make art: move shapes around in pursuit of a victory.

Joe Chiappetta