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Low Flying Dream

I have a recurring dream about flying. It is an incredibly fun process and these dreams come at the most random, unpredictable times. This dream is so enjoyable that I look at it as a gift from God. Mind you, I can't fly fast in these dreams, like Superman. But I fly slow, low to the ground, and peacefully. I hope to experience this also in real life some day.

The landscape I am flying over in these dreams is always very hilly. That is a bit ironic because I started having these dreams for many years as a Chicagoan, which is a city known for being a complete flatland. The only hills there are man-made, and hard to find.

Now I live in Southern California, which is famous for its many hills and mountains. Even though I have lived in SoCal for over 2 years, the sights and sensations of traveling up and down through these hills is still surprising and exciting. In fact, this hilly landscape is much more like my dream-scape, which I find pleasantly amusing. I never thought I would live in the land of my dreams. Yet here I am.
Joe Chiappetta