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Animated Silly Daddy Comic Splash

WATCH MY MOVIE... Fun animation for the whole family. Silly Daddy, the long running indie "Family Circus" comic series is now a silly cartoon, at least for 26 seconds.

The most remarkable thing about this musical adventure video is not the cutting-edge animation. Rather it is the fact that the dialog from this cartoon actually happened between me and my son Luke a few years back when he was three. However, the indoor cannonball maneuver is fiction.Animated Silly Daddy Comic Splash, by Joe Chiappetta

This is animation from the other family guy, the less offensive one. The cartoon "Comic Splash" could be considered the very first complete Silly Daddy animation because I started it in 2004 but didn't add the audio until this year. Why the three year gap in between completion? I was at first concerned that Disney, Pixar and Big Idea might copy my state-of-the-art animator techniques, but now I just don't care.

One day my little son was running around in circles with more energy than usual (which is a lot). He was even jumping on furniture, so I asked him, "Who wound you up?"

He replied, "Uh, Jesus!" with a big smile and kept on running.

That conversation actually happened, as i mentioned earlier. However, the rest of the cartoon I elaborated because I had a fun sketch of Luke sitting on an extra-tall fancy chair at the Nordstrom store in Chicago. I though it would be neat to have him jump off the chair as a stunt and into a pool of water, so that's what I animated.

This entire short movie was done in the Chiappetta studio by myself and my team of child laborers working for under minimum wage. I asked my daughter Maria if she could use the internet piano to make some background music, but she said she had learned something better in high school singing class. So she sang the background music and did an incredible job. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this cartoon.

I was going for an old-school, homegrown B-Movie effect with the animation style. Watch this funny cartoon of a kid doing a cannonball maneuver.

Animation by Joe Chiappetta. Voices by Joe and Luke Chiappetta. Music by Maria Chiappetta

Directed by Joe Chiappetta, 2007 in Macromedia Flash 4. Thanks to Mike Rende, another silly daddy for giving me that software for free.