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Victory of the Spiritual Mind

Victory of the Spiritual Mind - cryptoart by Joe Chiappetta
Victory of the Spiritual Mind is rare digital art available on MakersPlace

We all want victory in as many areas of our life as possible. For me, this is especially evident in the things I go to God about in prayer daily. The things I want to gain a victory in are the things I am typically praying about... over and over. Such things have become the themes of this surreal, symbolic digital painting of mine.

Many of these themes are easy to spot in the painting but some may be more subtle, because this particular artwork has paintings within paintings. Therefore I will list the victory-seeking areas I have painted about in this piece of animated art, and I will do so in the form of a prayer:

Dear God, please grant me, my friends, and family great and enduring victory in the realms of faith, servitude, kindness, business, finances, cryptoart, family-building, playfulness, insight, friendships, joy, and peace. Amen!

Joe Chiappetta